Cook County Illinois Will Use Federal Funds To Pay Money To Residents For Two Years


Residents of Cook County Illinois now have the chance to get $500 monthly payments over a two-year span.

To be eligible for the guaranteed-income program, an individual must reside in the county as an adult and have a household income of at least 250% of Federal Poverty Level. This amounts to $33,975 if there is only one member or $69,375 if there are four members. A household must not have anyone who is receiving guaranteed income from another program.

According to a webpage, participants are allowed to spend the money as they wish to meet their needs within the limits of the law. The pilot is open to all Cook County residents, regardless of their immigration status. In the application, you will not need to prove your citizenship or immigration status.

The money is expected to start being paid during winter 2022.

This program is funded by money the county received through the American Rescue Plan Act.