corrupt George Soros lands himself in big trouble, 3.4 million funneled for anti-democratic activities linked to him


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This is shaping up to be a great week!


“George  Soros, the billionaire financier is under an investigation for funneling nearly 3.4 million dollars into a campaign solely aimed at taking down Boris Johnson.

The conservative political party in Britain has called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into Soro’s American organizations after The Mail revealed that it funneled a large amount of money into a campaign purposely trying to block Brexit when it came to the ballot box.

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New York-based Open Society Foundation sent the funds to the Best for Britain group through a London outpost, avoiding the ban of foreign donations to political organizations.”


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  1. It’s high time we turned George Soros over to the Israelis to be punished for his collaboration with the Nazis during WWII. He was directly responsible for the deaths of his family and the town he grew up in. He and the Nazis ransacked and stole millions and he continues his actions to this day disrupting politics in foreign countries and the U.S.A. . He has no good reason for being allowed to live free and draw breath. George Soros is lower than rat shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. He needs to be either in prison, swinging from a rope or in a box 12 feet under. Personally, I’d like to see him vaporized !

  2. HUNT HIM DOWN LIKE THE UGLY SWINE HE IS!! A slow, painful departure from this planet is Exactly what this Irishman is prescribing

  3. I can’t BELEIVE the Israelis don’t have him on display hanging by the neck .WHOEVER GETS HIM IN PRISON GETS HHIS ASSETS . RIGHT???

  4. 60 minutes had a segment on George and he said people like him that do what he does to country’s financial systems need to be stopped. Search that 60 minutes story.

  5. This poor excuse for a human has caused more evil doings around the globe and yet he’s still breathing Gods air.There is something terrible wrong with the laws when he’s allowed to still go on and on creating havic, something he’s been doing since ww2 even to his own jewish people sending them to the gas chambers and stealing their money.I say ENOUGH!! Send him to HELL Where he belongs with SATAN to burn and suffer through eternity. HANG GEORGE SOROS!!

  6. Criminal Soros has been banned from 6 countries. He needs to be declared a terrorist and charged with treason against the US citizens. He is affiliated with criminal Obama, , Hillar, Schiff and the majority of the demonrats. Ban him from the United States today!

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