Cost of Illegal Immigration to Taxpayers Soars to $151 Billion Annually, Up 30% Since 2017


Recent research by the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that illegal immigration is costing American taxpayers $ 151 billion annually. This represents a 30% increase from 2017.

The study, “The Fiscal Burden on Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers2023,” found that illegal immigrants receive $182 billion in benefits and services each year. FAIR claims that $31 billion in taxes is collected from illegal immigrants living in the United States. This offsets some of the overall costs.

FAIR reported in 2017 that illegal immigration services imposed a $116 billion burden on taxpayers each year.

The study included food assistance programs and education for illegal immigrant children. The study also estimated the cost of state-level programs.

FAIR estimates that K-12 education for migrants is the largest expense, costing taxpayers $78 billion each year. The study also found that healthcare expenses include uncompensated hospital bills and Medicaid fraud. It costs approximately $42.7 billion annually.

American taxpayers also spend $47 billion each year on immigration enforcement and other federal and state criminal justice efforts.

Food assistance programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TAFNF) are estimated to cost $13.5 billion annually.

Every illegal immigrant and U.S.-born child costs $8,776 annually, which is $1,156 for each taxpayer.

California spends $31 billion annually to support illegal immigration services and benefits. Texas spends approximately $13 billion per year, while West Virginia spends $33 million each.

FAIR advocates for tighter border enforcement. FAIR said that the current administration’s open south border policies have caused financial hardship to American taxpayers.

FAIR President Dan Stein stated that “As America struggles with many societal needs while facing the reality of our staggering $31 trillion National Debt, the costs of providing for millions who have no legal right in the United States continue to grow at an alarming pace.”

He said, “Not only does the Biden administration refuse to control illegal immigration or remove people who are violating our laws,” he continued. “An increasing number of states and municipalities create their own expensive magnets for illegal aliens, declaring themselves sanctuaries while offering new benefits and services.” “This must stop.”