Cotton Blasts Biden For Calling Rittenhouse A White Supremacist


Sen. Tom Cotton recently attacked President Joe Biden for suggesting that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist. Rittenhouse has been a defendant in six cases and is currently being tried in Kenosha (WI) for murder.

Cotton stated that liberals enjoy reverting back to name-calling whenever they lose arguments, adding how it is their “go-to move.”

Cotton said he wants people to concentrate on Biden’s statement last year when he was calling this young man a white supremacist based only on a few videos. Cotton went on to say that he often tells people not to jump to conclusions when there is a shooting like that, adding how it is important to gather all facts and then make a rational judgment.

Cotton went on to say that progressives do this all the time when their argument isn’t on the merits. He referred to how parents are often called racists because they don’t like their children being shut out or taught divisive material. Democrats have also called Virginian voters racist, adding that they don’t like the United States Constitution nor the rules and customs of its Senate.

Democrats call everything they don’t like racist and then lose arguments with Americans by resorting to name-calling their opponents. This is not a sign that a party is strong (or healthy).