Could Whoopi Goldberg Be More of A Moron Than She Currently Is?


This is not a rhetorical query, by the way.

Take a look at when Whoopi said the Holocaust was not about race. Nevertheless, you can tell that she offended Joy Behar who is Jewish but now doesn’t believe there is a God or anything else after this life. Regardless of her beliefs, Joy Behar had every right to get upset. Whoopi’s moronic comment only landed her a 2-week suspension from The View.

Whoopi seems to have more moronic views each day.

It’s difficult to believe that Whoopi Goldberg can claim to be an authoritative voice in current affairs. It’s quite clear that I don’t get how this happened. She says many stupid things. She was a bit hysterical about Monday’s incident in which the archbishop of San Francisco banned Nancy Pelosi (and his diocese) from Holy Communion because of her pro-abortion views.

Goldberg observed that archbishop San Francisco wants Nancy Pelosi to be refused Communion for her pro-choice stance. This is not your job, dude. She claimed that it was not her job to make this decision.

It’s kind of his job, Whoopi. The church’s job, according to my last check, is not to provide cover for self-professing Catholic Democrats who hold radical views on abortion.

Goldberg may have thought she was being sarcastic when she said Communion is only for sinners. I don’t know if this is crazy but Pelosi seems to think that abortion is a sin or a sacred right. Pelosi doesn’t see abortion as something that should be common or a necessity. The abortion lobby has bought and paid for her. She doesn’t feel regret or sorrow for her views on abortion. Archbishop Cordileone has asked her to not receive Communion.

Whoopi would have been able to make a point if Pelosi asked for forgiveness for her sins.

The View is the most biased and one-sided show that I have ever watched, and by the way, I don’t watch to help with their ratings and haven’t in years. Honestly, it is a bunch of privileged, dumb, bitter women talking about politics but only giving their views and opinions. The show should be renamed Woke View because that is all it is. Whoopi is clearly a dumbass and the rest of the cast isn’t any better.