Country Superstar Jelly Roll Halts Concert to Honor Vietnam Veteran


How a society treats its soldiers can reveal a great deal about it. It will also reflect what they think about their values, where they fit on the world stage, as well as how they view issues such as gender and sexuality.

Unfortunately, modern-day America has lost much of its respect for those who are willing to defend our Constitution and our way of life against both domestic and foreign enemies. Even our commander-in-chief, who is the head of our armed forces, shows disrespect to our men and women in uniform.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, has disgraced the lives of those who died in his disastrous troop withdrawal from Afghanistan during the summer of 2021. He did this by turning a meeting with the families of the deceased into a photo opportunity for himself and refusing to mention their names. He will not accept responsibility for the events that occurred, and will not honor the memory of those who gave their lives to protect others in a situation which he caused. This is how liberals see military personnel in general: as disposable heroes to further their agenda.

Not everyone is like this.

Take the country music star Jelly Roll, for instance. Jelly Roll stopped his show during a Las Vegas concert earlier this month after he saw a Vietnam Veteran in the audience and decided to honor the veteran in a cool way. This is what we should show to those who sign up for our freedom.

The singer continued from the stage, “This gentleman has a Vietnam Veteran hat on and he’s been standing here all night and rocking along with me.” “I want to thank you for your service and tell you that I really appreciate it, sir.” “Thank you very much.”

Jelly Roll continued, “Thanks and I hope you had a great time tonight.” The cameras at the concert were all pointing toward the veteran who was giving Jelly an honorary salute. Then, to make it even cooler, he told the veteran that, from now on, he wouldn’t pay for another concert ticket.

“I promise that you will never purchase another ticket for my show. I’m going to get my people there. The country singer told a man in the audience, “You’re welcome for life. Thank you.”

You probably guessed that the video went viral online. It has received over 400,000 views on social media since its posting.

The caption of the video posted on TikTok read: “This man is amazing!! He does not care about fame, he only cares about people. And he has proven that to over 15000 people!

The TikTok user went on to say, “You saved so many lives that we all lit the room up Friday night!” The user wasn’t the only one who praised and appreciated what Jelly had done to honor this hero.

In the comments, a person stated: “As a former military member… just one more reason to enjoy Jelly Roll.” “Thank you for recognizing this man.”

Another user said, “This guy gives me goosebumps every time.” What an amazing show.

Jelly Roll is the perfect example of what to do when you’re treating our soldiers. This is a truly amazing act of gratitude.