Covert operation, Bill Clinton arrested as Hillary flee’s country, chelsea tweets


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we were just mailed this, further investigation is on to verify the claims,but worth publishing read…

Bill is locked up in a secured location awaiting a military tribunal. He was arrested 4 days after his grandson was born. Hillary has sent two cryptic tweets since his arrest (the last just an hour ago) from wherever she’s currently hiding (somewhere in Germany is the latest guess). Bill was arrested at approx. 8:30 am on Friday, July 26th in a completely covert operation.


Chelsea is apparently in shock (no tweets of any kind since the 25th with a brand new baby boy just delivered three days prior).


Dan Coats was fired two days later (officially replaced by Ratcliffe on Aug. 15th).

Hillary is to be arrested and immediately extradited (assuming she’s out of the country) on sight.


I’ve got my sources, they’re legit and no, I won’t be revealing them. This is all going to be handled by military tribunal so the public will be hearing little if anything about what’s going on. Apparently, they’re going after the whole enchilada (everything they’ve ever done, including the hiring of mercs to assassinate over 50 different potential whistleblowers over the years).


Those in the know have recently resurfaced a few reminders as to why all of this is going down so rapidly:

Mainstream news will likely announce that she’s only being prosecuted for aiding illegal migrants:

From what I can gather, they will be looking for the death penalty for both.. neither of them will see the inside of a prison cell as such executions are generally carried out immediately-Dan brown (FBI agent) claims


  1. This is fake. The tip-off is the reference to a military tribunal. Not the way the US legal system works.

  2. Your wrong. They will be using Military Tribunals on these People because they Committed Treason, Tried to have the President taken out by ANY means possible as well as Crimes against Humanity among other things.They won’t be going through a regular Legal System.

  3. Your wrong. These people committed Treason, Sedition, Espionage, Murder remember Benghazi, as well as others conveniently dying from Suicide, tried to take down a sitting President by ANY means possible and committed Crimes against Children and Humanity, ect. They won’t even get a chance at a regular Court of Law. They will be going to GITMO and they will be executed just like McCain and Bush was.

  4. Bush and McCain were executed? Since when? And which Bush? The elder Bush died of old age, and his sons are still alive and well. As far as McCain is concerned, I believe he was diagnosed with the same deadly brain cancer as Ted Kennedy, and died as a result. Those things, however unfortunate, do really happen, no matter how good or bad any one human may be.

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