(Crack & Brunettes) Guess who Hunter Biden’s new baby mama is


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Hunter Biden’s baby while dating his brother’s widow was given birth to by a stripper from a DC strip club that he visited regularly.

Lunden Alexis Roberts,who goes by the stage name “Dallas” was working at the Mpire Club in DuPont Circle,she would later become the mother of Biden’s love child.


Several workers at the club told Page Six that they recognized Roberts, 28, from her time working there.


“Roberts(Dallas) worked there around the time she got pregnant — and when Hunter broke up with former sister-in-law Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother, the late Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, sources said,” Page Six reports.

The report which also say;

Archibald’s is located around the corner from the five-star St. Regis Washington, DC, hotel, where a valet recalled Hunter staying there “many times.”


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Questioned with a photo of Roberts and asked if she ever went there with Hunter, the valet replied, “Honestly I can’t say, but Hunter Biden has been here with brunettes and blondes.”

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The Page Six noted that the Mpire Club is about three blocks north of another DC strip joint, Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, where he was suspected of smoking crack in the VIP room about a year ago.


  1. So shocking to me that so many Americans are willing to turn a blind eye to all the unmoral, illegal actions from their Dem. Party. Either they ignore it or say it doesn’t matter. How can anyone think all these scandals, lies, and set ups are just ok. I thought we were to hold these people to higher standards?! They are the ones we put into office to represent All Americans when dealing with foreign countries.

    These are the type of people we feel has America’s best interest at heart? I don’t think so & also feel it is about time we get honesty, integrity, morals & family values back into our Govt. & stop allowing Dems to distract us with their destructive PC crap.

    If we want Dems socialist push to be stopped, I got to ask. Why haven’t we taken back our schools from those who have deceived our children with their socialist lies. As long as we cont. to let them stay where they are doing the most damage which is our schools, we will cont. to release children into adulthood with false praise for such a destructive policy.

    Then our biggest problem after that is our FAKE media & their part in deceit of their viewers to help Dems push their Socialist agenda. That one will be harder I know. But these are the TWO biggest problems in America today that is working against America & her people. Things have got to start changing & I mean NOW, not after election if we want to save America from those who wish to destroy her..

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