Crowd Cheers After Woman Confronts a Deranged Trans Activist Over Bathroom Policy


A viral exchange occurred between a man and a woman on a recent episode of BBC Question Time in the United Kingdom.

The video shows a woman in the audience confronting India Willoughby (a trans activist and fame seeker) who is sitting on the panel. Willoughby, a man who believes that he can use the toilet with real women under the pretense of trans-inclusivity, is an example of a man who thinks he’s entitled to it.

Instead of retreating, the woman in front says what nearly everyone thinks, drawing cheers and applause.

Trans activists’ logic is mind-numbing. He claims that it is racist to deny men the right access to the ladies restroom. Except for the fact that transwomen can use the bathroom that is closest to their gender, that is all. This may seem confusing to some men, but men should only use the men’s toilet. Women shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable or at risk for soothsaying the needs of men with severe mental illnesses (to the point where they have to undergo surgery to alter their bodies).

Willougby and another panel member try to promote the notion that transwomen actually are women. The woman in the audience then says what you shouldn’t say. Specifically, transwomen don’t really exist as women. After that line, there are a lot of cheers. Even more than when the trans activist insists it’s false and he’s like “black people”.

The woman in the audience was supported by one of the panelists, drawing applause.

Twitter is not real life. If you look at the replies, it is clear that many people are saying that women in the audience aren’t being “considerate of minorities” but this is the question that the trans community has never been able to answer: Why does their need for privacy over that of women who want safety in their own bathrooms? This arrangement has been in place for a long time in a civilized society.

Is it not inconsiderate to ask a woman to bend to the will of a transwoman? Why can’t transwomen be considerate enough to just use the men’s toilet? The panelist in the second clip states that actual women are now an afterthought. They value the delusional male feelings more than women who want to go to the toilet in peace.

I can assure you that the majority of people are not against transgender insanity. This is especially true when it violates the fundamental rights of women. People are speaking out more truthfully and avoiding political correctness. Let’s pray it continues.