Crowds Flock to London to See Queen’s Coffin Procession


In the early morning, crowds gathered along the flag-lined street just outside the palace to witness the procession of King Charles III from his London home to the historic Westminster Hall.

Hours prior to the coffin procession thousands of people gathered on The Mall next to Buckingham Palace. Charles waved and cheered at them as he drove past Clarence House and towards the palace.

Joan Bucklehurst, a 50-year-old Cheshire resident who is a retail worker and a member of the Cheshire community, said that the queen meant so much to everyone.

She said that she was “amazing, yes” and was choked up. Even though we have been there before for special occasions, I couldn’t miss it this time.

A nationwide outpouring of grief and respect for the monarch most Britons knew is the latest sign of the outpouring sympathy for her. She died at Balmoral on Thursday, her beloved summer retreat after a 70-year rule.

Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika, of the Household division, who organizes the ceremonial aspects of the queen’s funeral said, “It’s very tragic, but it’s our last chance to fulfill our duty to her and it’s also our first chance for it for him and that makes us all very proud.”

Heathrow Airport, London stated that it would alter its timetables in order to stop overhead aircraft from disrupting the procession. British Airways has canceled 16 flights as a result.

The airport stated that the changes would “ensure silence over central London” during the ceremonial procession between Buckingham Palace & Westminster Hall.

Since the demise of the queen, preparations for the procession continue. Horses of King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery are also preparing.

Sgt. Tom Jenks, from the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery, stated that horses had been given special training. The horses were taught how to deal with weeping grievers, and how to place flowers and flags on the streets during the procession.

People sat under gray skies on metal barriers or on folding chairs and umbrellas, sipping coffee hours before the coffin was to leave the landmark palace at 2:22 p.m.

People have gathered on the route of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as it traveled from Scotland to London.

On Tuesday night, thousands braved the rain to witness the state hearse. Inside lights illuminated the casket of the sovereign. It moved slowly from a military base to central London.

Geoff Colgan, a taxi driver, took off to witness the moment. He stood stunned as the queen’s coffin passed.

He held his child and said, “It was one of those things you knew would occur, but when it does, you can’t believe what you see.”

33,000 people stood silently in Edinburgh to pay respect for her coffin that was laid at St. George’s Cathedral for 24 hours.

Many will follow the Queen’s example in London. She is expected to spend four days in Westminster Hall (a 900-year-old building in Parliament) before going on Monday for her state funeral.

This is the place Guy Fawkes was tried, and Charles I was executed. The hall also hosts spectacular medieval banquets, which are hosted by Queens and Kings.

Chris Bond is a Truro, south England resident. He was among those who lined up on the banks of the River Thames.

He stated, “Obviously it’s difficult to wait in line all day. But when you enter Westminster Hall that majestic, historic building, there’s a great sense of peace. It’s amazing that you can go as long as you like. ”

He stated, “We know the queen was an elderly woman and that her country has served her for a long while.” We hoped this day would never come. ”

Chris Imafidon was sixth in the line.

He stated, “I feel 1,001 emotions every time I see her. “I pray to God that she is an angel because she touched so many people. She did so much good. “