Cruz Confronts Mayorkas With Photo Of Migrants Sleeping On Floor At Texas Facility


GOP Rep. Ted Cruz and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently got into a heated argument over children held in poor conditions at the border. Mayorkas criticized Cruz’s description of the facilities as “cages” during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The senator then asked how many children were kept there, in which Mayorkas replied that he respectfully disagrees with his use of the word “cages.”

Cruz states how it is possible to disagree with it, but then went on to ask how many children were in the Biden cages. Cruz said he has been to the Biden enclosures and seen the Biden cages. He asked what number of children were they able to detain at the Donna tent facility.

Mayorkas objected again to the use of the term “cages.” Cruz went on to say that there are enclosures in which the children are kept. Cruz also said that he took photographs of the Biden cages, asking how many children have been locked in these secure facilities in Donna.

Cruz provided photographic evidence to support his claim, to which Mayorkas said he didn’t have an exact number of children who had been there. Cruz made the point that Dems haven’t paid attention to the situation. Mayorkas confirmed that neither President Biden nor Vice-President Harris had been to the facility, in which the senator turned his attention to his colleagues.

Cruz asked if any Dem member on this committee had cared enough for the children being held by Joe Biden or Kamala Harris due to the department’s failed immigration policies. Mayorkas claimed that Dems were present, but he wasn’t sure if any of them were on the committee.