DC Deputy Mayor Charged With Assault, Mayor Muriel Bowser Flails Wildly When Confronted


Washington, DC’s deputy mayor was arrested and charged with assault and battery. Fox 5 reports that Chris Geldart grabbed a man’s neck in a confrontation at a Gold’s Gym, Arlington, VA.

Sierra Fox, a reporter, attempted to question Mayor Muriel Bowser regarding the incident and showed her the video. Instead, she feigned, saying that she would watch the video later, then asserting that she wouldn’t be returning to Fox 5 with any comment.

Bowser has seen a sharp decline in the city she runs, with skyrocketing homelessness and crime. The DC leadership has been outraged by the illegal immigrant program that was being implemented out of Texas and other border States. The capital of the nation had declared itself previously a “sanctuary” city.

This scandal has been uncovered and Bowser is unlikely to take it seriously. Later she said that Geldart was away at the time and that the matter was being investigated. However, she then downplayed what had happened. After the exchange in the corridor, here’s the statement sent to Fox 5.

I received this statement from the Mayor’s Office: “We take all allegations seriously and are currently reviewing the matter.” While the matter is being reviewed, Deputy Mayor Geldart has been placed on leave. It sounds like something that happens to many people, a dispute over minor things.

I don’t know how the dispute over minor details is relevant. The penalties for assault and battery committed by the deputy mayor are the same, regardless of the circumstances. The question now is whether Bowser will actually act. I don’t think anyone should hold their breath.

It’s not like DC doesn’t have a street named after a black-lives-matter scam group. You can’t park your car in the street, take the subway or walk in the evening without running the risk of being victimized. But, by God, those bold yellow letters can make you feel proud.

As long as these people remain in power, the nation’s largest major city and most liberal (92 percent in Joe Biden’s 2020 election) will continue to descend into anarchy. There are many voters who are willing to take punishment and I don’t see any changes.