Dem-Led City Tells Its Residents To Boil Water So They Can Drink Safely


Jackson, Mississippi issued a notice to residents advising them to boil their water on Sunday following a water line break that left many residents with unsafe water pressure.

According to the advisory, Jackson city officials are trying to find the break in the line and have advised residents to boil water until the problem is fixed. After Republican Mississippi Governor. Tate Reeves declared a state-of-emergency in August due to a lack of water supply. Residents filed lawsuits against the city, Democratic Mayor Chokwe antar Lumumba.

According to CNN, the city requested residents to shut off their water supply Sunday so that temperatures do not drop below freezing. Residents were also asked to check churches and businesses for any leaks.

Reeves declared Jackson’s emergency after Jackson’s main water treatment plant failed. More than 180,000 Jackson residents had to boil their water because of unsanitary conditions.

Residents filed a lawsuit against Lumumba and Jackson in September over ongoing water supply problems. They claimed that the defendants knew they were exposing them to unsafe water. Lumumba promised that Jackson would be “the most radical place on the planet” in 2017, but the city continues to struggle with water supply and trash collection.

Jackson lost its trash collection service in October after the city council refused payment for a six-month contract. Nearly 150,000 residents were left without trash service after the decision.