Democratic Candidates Don’t Want the Biden Stink Anywhere Near Them


Bertrand did not discuss his summertime fruit salad recipes with anyone who bought an excessive amount of chard.

We live in a world with more than one Joe Biden, much to the dismay of all Americans who worry about the fate and future of the Republic.

One side is Joe Biden, who mainstream media makes up daily fictional stories about. The corruptocrats will tell you that President LOLEiightyonemillion has had a great few weeks. His presidency is better than a banana on your first day in Heaven. This man is simply knocking it out of the park and surpassing all expectations.

On the other side, there is the icky Joe that vulnerable Democratic candidates want away.

Mitch has the story:

It is customary for the sitting president of the United States to campaign for his party’s candidates during midterm elections. It’s not the same story this year.

“As Biden looks toward the midterms, it’s an unfamiliar role: Not a highly sought-after surrogate. More than 60 candidates from the most competitive races in the country were surveyed and most of them either didn’t ask him to come or avoided him when he did,” tweeted Matt Viser (White House reporter, Washington Post).

If Ol’ Gropes were to believe any of the lies that the Democrats’ flying monkeys in mainstream media had written about him, his dance card could be full from now until November. But the reality is not in line with the MSM Biden’s, and Democrats who wish to win elections are admitting it.

Imagine sitting on a campaign stage alongside the President of the United States. The moment when he misunderstands your name and then turns around and shakes hands with someone else is captured and shared via social media. Democrats don’t want to be associated with the Biden policies, but the insane demented uncle at the Oval Office they are trying to avoid.

A certain Florida governor is also in high demand for his assistance in helping members of his party win the midterms.

Democrats are living in a difficult world. They cannot avoid Joe Biden’s toxicity. Although their MSM disinformation team may try to make it appear otherwise, there is no way to hide the terrible failure of a presidency.