Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell confesses she was blackmailed by party to support Impeachment,lawyers swing into investigation to determine legality of impeachment


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Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Democrat, revealed that she was pressured to support impeachment against President Trump. At a point it was like a blackmail she insinuated,She was targeted by Tom Steyer and MoveOn.

As House Democrats prepare to unleash a full-court impeachment press on President Trump, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., claimed she was put under “enormous” pressure to change her stance and support the impeachment inquiry.

“I was one of the most recent people to come out under [an] enormous amount of pressure,” Dingell told “CNN Newsroom.” “I was the focus of ads by both Tom Steyer and, but I was worried about how divided the country is. And frankly, we’re continuing to see how divided [it is]. Though, you can’t be divided on [the] rule of the law.”

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Trump lawyers however have launched a full scale investigation into impeachment by house democrats to verify its legality,No crime was committed by the president,the whole drama is a stage play to hide whats backstage,the cover ups can only last but for a while,the swamp is getting drained….

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  1. We the people want the Democrates out of our government and leave our president alone. We voted him in and the house lied to get him out. We the people wants the Democrates to pay us tax payers back for this phony investigation and trial it’s all a hoax. DONALD J TRUMP 2020, 2024

  2. Well this doesn’t surprise me in the least considering the way this sham hearing was rolled out in order to make it into a convenient media spectacle for the Dems with a truncated schedule and no chance for rebuttal or for the defense to mount a case or call witnesses. Very sketchy. There’s been an air of hysteria underlining the entire proceedings almost as if they’re afraid that if they slow down for even a second the truth will come out and the public will get skeptical and turn.

  3. Trump 2020 + 3 more years, have excelled above all previous presidents and will go down in history as G.O.A.T. I and most Americans can’t wait to see how much more blessings from God we can stand through his chosen elected president. I hope American don’t get used to winning and forget other countries around the world who need our material and spiritual help and guidance.

  4. 3 blind mice need to be tried for treason . Then after being found quilty. They need to be executed military style … FIRING SQUAD … PELOSI SCHIFF AND NADLER .


  6. I do not feel sorry for Rep Dingell. She was elected to represent the people of her district. She should have had a spine. She chose to give in to the pressure from her party. In other words the people will not have a voice. She needs to be voted out.

  7. Being falsly indicted by a fraud “majority”, who cheated, stole, & committed election fraud, to obtain this false majority, & proceeded with a fraud impeachment inquiry, etc., does not mean “impeachment”. It is a false indictment. The President is not “impeached”, impeachment must pass senate in order to be an “impeachment”, & it has not passed the senate.
    It is also illegal to Impeach an administration that is in the process of auditing the federal reserve.

    President Trump has over 137,000 infant & child rape traffickers indicted, …WHO DO YOU THINK IS ATTEMPTING TO IMPEACH HIM !!!


    The only thing the demonrats have accomplished by this, is qualifying President Trump to run for both 2020, 2024 elections.

  8. To Representative Debbie Dingell:
    You took an oath to uphold our Constitution.
    Yet you engaged in partisan politics. What you and your party did was abuse of power. Do you Representative Dingell even know and understand Article Two of the United States Constitution? And; do you understand the separation of powers? If you do and voted yes for impeachment you are a dumb dumb because Article Two gives our President( your President also) his powers separate Congress. You are not a child so I’ll stop here because I can’t believe we are spending millions in yet another Democrat Party hoax.

  9. Yeah, but Ms. Dingell nor any of the Democrats that voted for the impeachment of the president are any good for the country. They did not uphold the rule of law or defend the’s no different than watching someone get twenty year prison sentence for a crime you know full well they didn’t commit, however, you say nothing or do nothing. Chief Justice John Roberts will be residing over the senate impeachment trial. Think back to Obamacare and same-se marriage and let that sink in. As stated by Rep. Mo Brooks, “I don’t trust Roberts’ thinking.” In other words if Roberts has one of his left leaning moments we could very well see Trump out of office. So yeh, if she is not the only one, what have they done? That’s why I say they are no good for the country.

  10. She says she was blackmailed, but how do we know she is telling the truth? And even if she was she can’t get away with that weak argument according to your excellent post.

  11. She is “pathetically” just trying to get ahead of what she knows is coming in November and it matters not if Roberts is in charge… The senate will kill this before it ever get that far. The Republicans hated Trump in 16 and most probably still do but now they have no choice but to stand and fight with and for him or they lose everything and our great president played them all like a fine tuned violin. I call this winning Trump/Pence 2020 We did it once and we will do it again! KAGA!

  12. I have NO DOUBT that there were COUNTLESS democrats bamboozled into voting for this crime against humanity!! There can’t possibly be THAT many *stupid dems! Not even CLOSE!! They made their choices, & were likely offered very appealing “bonuses” to publicly trash Trump on top of it, but NOW they’ll have to LIVE with themselves!!
    I hope it was worth it because they’re ALL about to LOSE THEIR @SSES come next Nov!
    ..if not before.

  13. The petition ad for Shiff resignation doesn’t allow my valid email address so I can’t sign the petition yet tried. I don’t use Facebook nor Twitter and won’t. Actually Schiff should face sedition or treason charges facing his execution. And pay all costs back. Plus loose all corruption $ he has. Plus be sued for torts etc.

  14. Dingell is just covering her aged rump, because her constituents are ANGRY about this latest democrat hoax. She ACTUALLY walked hand-in-hand in the Congressional hallway with Pelosi during the ongoing scam operation. Take a look at those videos – the floozy blonde to the left of Pelosi, that’s Debbie Doing her Constituents. My guess is that she’s lying about not wanted to go along with it.

  15. I don’t trust One demoncRat, even Debbie Dingell. She’s just trying to save herself for re-election. If it happened, which I don’t doubt, she SHOULD have turned them in at the time, not after it’s over. How much did you make Debbie and what were you offered??? What caused you to turn on them now? Did you find out you didn’t get as much as some of the other DemoncRats? Sorry lady, you made your bed with the devil and he won’t help you now.

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