Democrats Somehow Blame Trump for Hamas’ Assault on Israel


Wasn’t it only a question of time? When something tragic happens, like the recent barbaric Hamas attack on Israel, the left is quick to come up with new and creative reasons to blame former president Donald Trump.

The war in Israel is no different, apparently. Democrats on social media are dredging up old news in an effort to establish a connection between the former president and Hamas’ Saturday surprise attack on Israel. As is typically the case, their contentions are not only implausible, but they have not provided a shred of evidence to back it up.

Remember how Democrats went into a frenzy when Trump was president and allegedly passed classified intelligence to Russia from Israel? In May 2017, the ex-president was criticized for sharing sensitive information about an ISIS conspiracy with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Information was believed to come from Israeli Intelligence. People on the left were furious, claiming Trump’s actions may have endangered the United States’ relationship with Israel, its closest ally.

Leftists are desperately trying to convince people, as Israel’s war on Hamas is in full swing that the information Trump gave to Russia ended up in Iran, which then passed it to Hamas, to aid in the attack. They are clinging to the theory despite it being as absurd as a split-pea soup sandwich.

Thom Hartmann is an author and political analyst who shared a Washington Post article in 2017 on X (formerly Twitter): “Hamas knew how to bypass Israel’s Iron Dome defenses. This is probably what they learned from Iran. Iran most likely got this information from Russia. Who gave it to Russia, and who did they give it to? “It looks as if Donald Trump gave it to Putin at his request.”

Allison Gill, who tweets using the account for the Mueller, She Wrote podcast, added: “Don’t forget: Trump gave Israeli intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office 6 years ago. Putin armed Iran in exchange for drones to attack Ukraine.”

The Meidas Touch X Twitter account shared a link to its own report on Trump’s transfer of sensitive material. It said: “FLASHBACK – Trump admitted that he had passed classified Israeli intelligence over to Russia. Israeli intelligence was concerned that it would be in the hands of Iran.”

Mikel Jollett, a musician and writer, added: “This isn’t difficult to follow.” “Trump provided military intelligence to the Russians. The Russians who are close allies of Iran gave it to Iran. Iran passed this information on to Hamas. Hamas then used the information to attack Israel. Intelligence security is important. Republicans DO NOT CARE.

Note that the former Vice President Mike Pence tried to blame Trump, and other Republicans, for the attack. He claimed that their non-interventionist positions emboldened terrorist groups.

It’s interesting to note that President Joe Biden who is currently in office likely contributed more to Hamas being able to attack Israel than Trump did. I would be tempted, if I didn’t understand better, to believe that these people were trying to divert attention from the issue.

We have to start with the $6 billion the Biden administration has graciously given to Iran in the last few weeks. My colleague noted that the money, while allegedly intended for humanitarian purposes, is fungible. The cash could be used to indirectly release resources for Tehran to use to provide more weapons, supplies, and resources to Hamas. This is something it has been supporting since the 1980s. Wouldn’t the cash be more likely to contribute than any information Trump might have given Russia five years earlier?

Not only that but there’s more.

It is possible that the weapons left in Afghanistan by the U.S. during Biden’s failed withdrawal attempt could have wound up in the hands of Hamas.

In a June Newsweek article, a commander of the Israeli military expressed concern that weapons left behind in Afghanistan might have ended up in the possession of Israel’s adversaries.

Newsweek reported that a high-ranking commander of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), told them Israel was concerned about the risk of the weapons supplied by the United States to Ukraine and other Western nations ending up in the Middle East in the hands or Israel’s enemies, such as Iran.

Experts also support these concerns. The situation could be yet another chapter of a long history of U.S. weapons shipments being diverted. This would empower both Israel and U.S. adversaries in another restive area, while Western governments focus on the volatile conflict in Eastern Europe.

Democrats still try to convince the public that Trump is partly responsible for Hamas’ incursion in Israel. It is clear that this is a distraction tactic to divert attention from Biden’s apparent lack of competence and how it may have contributed to what the world sees in Israel. If this is all they can come up with, perhaps they should go back to the drawing board or tell the truth.