Denver Urges Property Owners to Welcome Migrant ‘Newcomers’


To save $60 million, the city is closing shelters and asking residents to take in illegal migrants.

Denver has closed several of its shelters for migrants and is asking property owners in the area to take in some “newcomers”.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced recently that the city had begun to reduce its migrant service to reduce current budget deficits by almost $60 million and reallocating these funds back into the city’s services. Shelters are being closed and existing shelters are being consolidated.

Denver Human Services’ Jon Ewing said that the city was looking at alternative housing options for its illegal immigrants.

Denver’s city government has been criticized for its handling of the illegal immigration crisis.

Ewing explained that they sent a message to all landlords with whom they have connections. “We said, listen, there will be some newcomers that need housing,” Ewing said.

The city sent an email to Denver property owners recently asking them if they were interested in renting out their properties to migrants.

Ewing explained that the rent cap was $2,000

The local non-profits are supporting the initiative, he said. They have already helped thousands of migrants find housing.

Ewing stated that the number is now below 1,800, which was the lowest it has been since September.

In January, the number of people was up to 4,500. Before, migrants would post on social media to find a place to live.

Many of these posts are now replaced with, Hey, I need to furnish my new apartment. What do I do now? Ewing added that it is a good thing to run into this problem.

Ewing said that the city was able to obtain work permits for many migrants, allowing them to earn income and pay for their accommodation.

Ewing stated, “We’ve helped 1,300 people in the last couple of weeks get their work permits.” “That’s an important step.”

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced recently that the city had begun to reduce its migrant service.

A Massachusetts couple last year volunteered to accept illegal immigrants. They were surprised when, less than an hour later, a family of 4 showed up on their doorstep.

Johnston had predicted earlier this year that the migrant crises would cost the city about $180 million. He said earlier that the crisis was “very near” a breaking point for the city. The city announced it was cutting $5,000,000 from its public services.

It was reported that the city has provided support to 38,861 migrants who have crossed from the southern border, at a cost close to $58 million. According to The Colorado Sun, Venezuelans have made up the majority of migrants who arrived in Denver since 2023.

A migrant lies down on a sleeping pad in a makeshift shelter in Denver, Colorado, on January 13, 2023.

The sanctuary city is struggling to provide for the increasing number of migrants. Texas has sent thousands of migrants from the border to sanctuary cities such as Denver to demonstrate to them the difficulties border states face with migrants flooding their cities.

Denver Health’s healthcare system has been strained by the influx of illegal immigrants. Last year, about 8,000 illegal migrants visited Denver Health for services like emergency room care, primary care, dentistry, and childbirth.

Denver has passed laws that make it a sanctuary city. However, there isn’t a provision for a right to shelter, so the local government doesn’t have to offer shelter forever.