DeSantis Claims Anthony Fauci’s Hysteria Triggered Lockdowns


    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), appeared on a Friday episode. He said that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s panic led to lockdowns at beginning of the pandemic. This was something he didn’t initially see coming.

    “We are a free Florida state. “We are not going to allow this state to defend into any type of Faucian dystopia, where your freedoms and livelihoods are ruined,” DeSantis stated during the episode. He also listed one decision that he regretted and one that he would make again if he could.

    “When it wasn’t fashionable, we made sure our children were in school when we were taking all of the incoming. He said that they would be playing sports and that we weren’t going to place the fears of adults on these children. “We stood firm on this from the beginning.”

    He said that he believes down the line that you will see social dysfunctions in other places and Florida’s going be a lot more healthy.” His prediction of this positive feedback will yield “years and decades” of positive feedback.

    DeSantis answered that he wishes he had been more aware of the danger of lockdowns during the first months of the pandemic. DeSantis stated that he was initially engaged in urging Donald Trump to stop flying from China. DeSantis stated that he didn’t think it would lead to the country being locked down in February or March.

    “I didn’t. “I didn’t believe that was on the radar. He said that he was dealing with Pence and the CDC director in Port Everglades, who were discussing cruise ships in the second week of March. “No one was talking to shutting down the country.”

    He continued, “If there was a threat earlier I would have been louder” about opposing locking down the country, pointing directly at Fauci and other experts in public health who caused widespread fear.

    “But people like Fauci panicked,” Fauci said, explaining that they were following data from China “which isn’t trustworthy”.

    Fauci will tell you, “Chinese scientists are not communists,” They are scientists. When you’re in China you’re all controlled and controlled by the CCP. Fauci paid them at Wuhan and he lied about it,” Fauci added. “And why isn’t he being prosecuted? Or lying to Congress?”