DeSantis Proposes Creation Of Department To Investigate And Prosecute Voter Fraud


    Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), proposed last week that an election integrity unit be created to investigate and arrest voter fraud.

    The proposal calls to create the Office of Election Crimes and Security. It would employ 52 people to “investigate and detect, apprehend and arrest anyone for an allegation of violation” of election security tips of fraud. The program’s cost would be $5.7million and must be approved by Florida’s 60-day legislative session.

    “To ensure elections are conducted according to the law, I propose an electoral integrity unit whose sole purpose will be the enforcement of Florida election laws,” DeSantis stated during his State of the State address. This will allow for faithful enforcement of election laws, and it will give Floridians the assurance that their votes will be counted.

    The American First State lawmakers support the election integrity measure. However, others are on the fence or opposed to it.

    Rep. Chris Sprowls, Establishment Republican House Speaker (R), has a large influence over what laws are enacted. He said that he was unsure if the measure would prove to be beneficial. The Washington Post reported that he said, “We’re going looking at it. We’ll evaluate it. And see what happens.”

    Anthony Sabatini, a state representative, and U.S. presidential candidate said that he supports the proposal because it is crucial to ensure every legal vote counts.

    Sabatini stated that “having a mechanism to enforce Florida law which prohibits illegal aliens voting and those who do not reside in Florida is commonsense.” “Republicans win elections if only legal, chain-of-custody votes are counted.”

    State Senator Dennis Baxley (R), from Central Florida, is a strong member of the Appropriations Committee and an earlier supporter for cleaning contaminated voter roll. He told Breitbart News that the proposal needed to be further examined, but expressed his support for “anything” that would ensure Florida’s election.

    Baxley stated that “this is something that requires a little more thought, but any we can do help secure our elections should also be considered carefully.” “Governor DeSantis is doing an incredible job. We want to support his efforts to protect Florida’s votes and keep it free.”

    Geraldine Thompson (D), ranking Democrat on House Public Integrity & Elections Committee said to the Post that she believes in election integrity and credited Florida with having one of the most secure elections in the country in 2020.

    Thompson stated that the governor of Florida and other Florida officials believed the 2020 election to be the most secure and efficient run. “So, I see no reason to establish this elections commission, especially at the price he proposes.”

    Florida’s initiative to preserve election integrity was initiated as many of the other states’ election procedures have been affected by pandemic-related rules changes. This has led to election proceedings that is not fair or safe.

    A Wisconsin court ruled Thursday that absentee ballot drops boxes used in the 2020 presidential elections are illegal in Wisconsin. According to reports, the judge ruled that the “bipartisan” Wisconsin Elections Commission did not have the legal authority to issue dropbox guidance for local election officials.

    According to True the Vote evidence, Georgian election officials launched an investigation into possible illegal vote harvesting during the 2020 election. According to reports, the evidence includes phone data that is correlated with a video showing individuals dropping ballots at 5,662 drop locations during the 2020 pandemic.