DeSantis Reveals His Next Fight in the COVID-19 Vaccine Battle


Due to the COVID-19 vaccine requirements, millions of people have lost their livelihoods and suffered financial damage over the past several years. Finally, there is at least one conservative who will stand up to do something about it. It’ll not surprise that Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida, is leading the charge.

DeSantis said Saturday that he will join forces with Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo in pursuing mRNA vaccine makers such as Pfizer, who mislead about their vaccine efficacy, leading to unnecessary public mandates.

DeSantis is a long-standing trendsetter when it comes to fighting major cultural battles. From Critical Race Theory to COVID-19 mandates and more, there is no doubt that the fight against the coronavirus has long since left the scientific realm and become a cult-like status for many Americans. Even though it is clearly ineffective, there are still people who believe mask-wearing is effective.

It was the federal and state vaccine mandates that caused the most harm. In collusion with the CDC, the White House and manufacturers of the shots claimed that their products stopped the spread of COVID-19. This falsehood was used to justify the coercion that caused such financial damage to individuals. These people were never made whole and entities such as the US Military still adhere to their ineffective mandates to this day.

In October, a Pfizer executive admitted that they had not tested the vaccine’s effectiveness in stopping the spread of the disease. They joined other governments to claim that unvaccinated people were putting others in danger. In defending the OSHA vaccine mandate, President Joe Biden made a famous speech in which he called for the persecution of those who are not vaccinated and accused them of harming co-workers.

That’s not something we have forgotten, and neither has DeSantis. He has a knack for dealing with these types of issues with precision. You can be sure that DeSantis has the plan to succeed if the Florida governor says he will go after these manufacturers. He doesn’t like to just shoot from the hip without backing it up.

This is not a fight against pharmaceutical companies. Their products are a lifesaver and I am grateful for American innovation in this area. The COVID-19 vaccines were a different story. These large corporations joined forces with the government through “Operation Warp Speed” in order to make billions of dollars without being required to back their products or statements. This is not the way things should be. These companies must be held responsible for misleading Americans and making a profit from the mandates that they supported.