DeSantis Urges Floridians To Put On The Full Armor Of God To Fight Destructive Agenda


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said that freedom is at stake this November. Ron DeSantis (R), said Tuesday night that Floridians should “put on all the armor of God” in order to defeat the “destructive agendas of Joe Biden, and Charlie Crist, his number one ally in Florida.”

DeSantis addressed Hialeah’s supporters. He had primarily focused on the race for school board seats in the state during the period leading up to the primary. DeSantis supported more than two dozen candidates who support his pro-parents and pro-students school agenda, something Crist strongly opposes.

The results prove that DeSantis’ message resonates with voters throughout the state. In Florida, multiple school boards flipped from liberal to conservative last night.

This comment comes after Crist’s decisive win in the Sunshine State’s Democrat primaries — a victory Crist landed after deeming DeSantis “the greatest threat to democracy we have seen since Trump”. And on Wednesday morning Crist tied defeating Fascism to defeating the popular conservative governor.

DeSantis isn’t the only one to appeal to Ephesians 6, as the political race heats.