Despite Leaving the Democrat Party, Sports Fans Realize Kyrsten Sinema Is No Tulsi Gabbard


It continues to amuse me how presumably-conservative keyboard warriors latch onto — and sing the praises of — various Democrat “renegades,” including Sens. Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Kyrsten Silena of Arizona, the pseudo-right’s Democrat darling, who recently announced that she was quitting the Democrat Party. Sinema may be “leaving”, but where is she going?

Sinema published an op-ed in the Arizona Republic to clarify some points, mainly why she left the Democrat Party to register as an Independent.

The American people are informed that they have two choices: Democrat or Republican. They also have to agree with the policies of both parties which are increasingly oriented toward extremism.

The Arizonans correctly called the “two options” a false choice.

I know many “Republicans”, who claim that neither side is right nor wrong, but I do not know why. I find it hypocritical.

As long as it is consistent with constitutionally conservative views, principled objectivity is important to me. Blatant hypocrisy on either side of the aisle cannot be tolerated. However, I do know many who believe the same thing.

What about Sinema?

Sinema wrote extensively on the “fringe elements” of both Democrats and Republicans.

In recent years, Americans have found it more difficult to catch up with the national parties’ rigid partisanship. This allows those with the loudest voices and the most extreme views to determine the priorities of their respective parties while the rest are expected to follow.

Both sides have been tolerant of differing ideas and have tried to cater to the fringes. The only way to achieve lasting progress has been to pay back the opposition party.

Despite Sinema leaving the Democrat Party, it seems unlikely that much will change.

Sinema might have received encouragement from Democrat House Members, which I wouldn’t be surprised. They may have thought that Sinema running in 2024 as an Independent instead of a Democrat would be a more successful Sinema reelection effort.

Consider what my co-worker said in a recent opinion article:

This is an indicator of Democrats’ confidence in Sinema’s vote total.

Senator Majority leader Chuck Schumer, D.N.Y. has said that she will continue her assignments to committees. Sinema’s independence was essential in protecting the Senate filibuster and opposing the worst aspects of Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Sinema believes both parties contain extreme elements. Sinema believes both parties contain extreme elements. She will vote for Democrats at least 90% of the time.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Elitist Cabal’

Tulsi from Hawaii expressed her disapproval of the party of Schumer and Pelosi in a nearly 30-minute video she posted to YouTube.

I can’t continue to be a member of today’s Democratic Party. It is now controlled by a small group of cowardly-woken warmongers. They divide us by racializing every issue & inciting anti-white racism. This is actively against our God-given rights.

This is the way you can leave the Democrat Party. Unless the Democrat label is removed completely.

Gabbard will not announce that she is a registered Republican any time soon, just like Sinema or Manchin. Tulsi Gabbard is not Kyrsten Sinema.