Details of Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden Show a Family on the Brink


Hunter Biden’s laptop is a treasure trove of information that exposes the corruption within the Biden family. Every week, a new and more troubling revelation is made. Recent revelations revealed that the son of the president was involved in a Russian human trafficking ring. Joe Biden’s money was used to pay prostitutes.

The mainstream media won’t touch this story because the Bidens are on the “right” team. The White House has been able to use this excuse to say that they won’t comment from their laptop. This is a response that would not satisfy the press if it involved Donald Trump.

While partisan journalists continue to interfere with the president and his family members, a DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden appears to be heating up. It is likely that it is more extensive than initially reported.

Contrary to what the media initially thought, this may just be a civil matter. The crimes listed here are serious criminal offenses. It is not possible to commit money laundering or tax fraud without being fined. Let me clarify that: It is not something that a normal person would do. The list of crimes under investigation mirrors Paul Manafort’s. He was relentlessly pursued and sentenced for more than seven years during Trump’s presidency.

Hunter Biden will be gone, and the Biden family won’t be spared. I don’t think the DOJ will ever get to the president or his spouse (both shared an office with Hunter Biden’s Chicom business partner). My point is that those who have the ability to influence the electorate would pay a high political price. Joe Biden insists he will run for reelection. His financial involvement with his son, however, will be a problem.

There’s also the issue of a pardon. Joe Biden would not sit by and watch Hunter Biden die in prison. While it would be morally right to do so, the president has been fiercely loyal over the years to his son. He wired him hundreds of thousands of money and has defended him throughout the years. The corruption will not be covered up if Joe Biden grants a pardon.

Ironically, Hunter Biden visited the White House on the very same day Catherine Herridge gave that report. This is a rare event. This makes one wonder if the Bidens are trying to soften his image, knowing what’s ahead.

We should be skeptical about the DOJ’s ability to follow through. AG Merrick Garland, a fervent partisan who serves the White House’s interests, is an example of this. You might see a civil settlement if Joe Biden doesn’t hint at him. Having said that, I believe the horse is out of the barn with this. You may witness internal dissent spilling out if the DOJ leadership attempts to play it safe. Evidently, the US Attorney for Delaware thinks this is a serious matter, and if he fails to act, the public will not forget.