Dick Durbin Mocks Americans, While Schumer Threatens the Supreme Court


On Tuesday, the Democrats’ meltdowns were evident over the leaked draft opinion. This suggested that Roe v. Wade was being overturned by the Supreme Court.

They were also trying to incite anger against the Court by threatening and intimidating the justices and undermining another branch of government. Never say that Democrats are “preserving norms”. They only want to preserve their power and don’t care how they can do it.

Here’s Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) saying that the Supreme Court justices “do not have the right” to decide–if it’s not how the Democrats want them to decide.

Democrat politicians show a mix of meltdown faces to the base and smiling that they think they have a central point from which to rally people. Listen to Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who mocks Americans’ concerns about inflation and the border. He claims that the election in November will be all about privacy.

He says this, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, is giggling in the background, delighted that Democrats have something they can run on, and not just lying about how bad Joe Biden has ruined the economy.

If you wondered how they would address inflation, here’s the answer. They were clear about it — they will ignore it and the pain of Americans because of it and the border. They will pretend that these are imaginary problems. They will pretend that they don’t care if you are struggling due to the inflation caused by their spending. Talk about being detached from reality. They should be prepared to be destroyed in November if they follow that path. To show Americans how little Democrats care, the GOP should play this loop in their ads.

If we are going to discuss privacy, let’s talk about government mandates on Americans. Lockdowns, suppression of expression, and the formation of a Ministry of Truth. They’ll be burned if they believe that this is an area that benefits them.

Schumer was also threatening and intimidating the Supreme Court, as well treating the draft opinion like the Court’s final decision.

Schumer indicated that court-packing was still possible.

It is unclear what he means by accusing justices of lying before the Senate. He’s signaling that he will try to impeach anyone who votes against Roe. These threats are an inappropriate political attack on the independence of the Court. They are not unusual, but Schumer previously threatened Justice Gorsuch, Justice Kavanaugh, and Justice Gorsuch, claiming that they had “encouraged a whirlwind” that would “pay the price” for their decisions. Republicans should demand that Schumer be censured because of these threats. The Court needs protection from Democrats who will not stop at anything.

These radicals would destroy our system in order to achieve their goals. The only thing that saves them is not having the votes in the Senate to codify Roe. Sen. Joe Manchin (D–WV) and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, (D–AZ), stuck to the filibuster.