Did The Vaccine Mania Contributed to Damar Hamlin’s Collapse?


Monday night I was watching ESPN’s coverage of Damar Hamlin’s collapse. I didn’t entertain the idea that this could have been related to the NFL experimental medical trial (“vaccine”) coercion.

Others were less reluctant. Opponents of the experiment instantly linked Hamlin’s cardiac arrest with his vaccination status. This was something I didn’t know Monday and don’t know today.

Anecdotal evidence mainly supports the claim that sudden death syndrome has increased in young athletes after corporations and governments around the world began force-feeding Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed medical trial.

It is not clear to me if speculations about Hamlin’s vaccine status are appropriate at the moment. The 24-year-old is still fighting for his life in Cincinnati.

However, I do know that Hamlin’s current health crisis is being blamed by many in the pro-vax movement. Football is the “bad guy”. Talking ill about the game is a popular American pastime. It is regarded as a trait that is unique to America.

Knowing this, I know that corporate media members are just as likely to question the products and methods of the pharmaceutical industry as it is to question the influence of secular Jewish people living in Hollywood. This topic should be avoided.

Big Pharma is the biggest advertiser on television. Today, sports television is dependent on pharmaceutical companies in the same way that it used to depend on Old Milwaukee, Bud Lite, and Miller Lite. The biggest bully on TV was the dope dealer, not the bartender.

Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer are the puppet masters of television’s pontificators. The vaccine makers demand that their puppets blame football for the Damar Hamlin incident on Monday.

CNN.com hired Jeff Pearlman, a sports writer, to create a story about Hamlin’s fall. It mirrors the 1971 death, by Chuck Hughes, of the Detroit Lions, and highlights the inherent dangers that football presents.

Pearlman asked, “Is it reasonable to pursue a game that causes so much pain and suffering in an enlightened country?” Should we discuss the 2017 Boston University study which found Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), in 99% of brains taken from NFL players and 91% of college football players? Can we question the wisdom of grown men being beaten into grown men? Are youth tackle leagues life-affirming or crazy?

Undiagnosed blood clots caused Chuck Hughes’ death. He fell backward and was rushed to the hospital. CNN would have blamed football if Hughes had walked to the bus. Hughes’ death is a testimony to the dangers of blood clots, a side effect that researchers claim experimental medical trials can cause.

And what does CTE have to do with Hamlin? Why bring up CTE? CTE is a convenient mystery disease that can only be diagnosed in a corpse. In my opinion, CTE is a distraction, another tool to demonize football and deflect from the drugs athletes ingest to compete.

ESPN’s Bomani Jones spoke with Don Lemon on the CNN morning program about Hamlin. Jones also blamed football.

Jones said that it was like making a safe cigarette, and compared the game that makes millionaires to the cancer-causing tobacco sector.

I am beginning to lose my reluctance at considering the possibility that Hamlin’s heart attack was caused by the NFL’s “vaccines”. It’s fair that football is to be blamed, but why not consider the effects of the “clot shot”?

I will pay the penalty for discussing vaccines. We know from Elon Musk’s Twitter Files that social media platforms have shadow-banned and banned people who question the effectiveness of the shots. YouTube prohibits users from discussing negative aspects of the shot.

Big Pharma has a significant influence on what can and cannot be discussed on any platform. Its commercials fund the NFL and all sports leagues. Roger Goodell would prefer to have Hamlin’s fall be blamed on football than for football viewers to second-guess their fifth booster.