Diplomatic Giant Henry Kissinger Passes Away at 100-Years-Old


Henry Kissinger, one of the most dominant figures of the Watergate and Vietnam War eras, has died.

The Wall Street Journal:

According to a post on his website, the former presidential adviser Henry Kissinger died. This brings to an end one of the most controversial and influential diplomatic careers in U.S. History.

His consulting firm released a statement confirming that he died on Wednesday in Connecticut at his home. He was 100.

The German-born professor was the first American official to simultaneously serve as Secretary of State and White House National Security Advisor, which gave him enormous power under the Nixon and Ford administrations. This helped him to end the U.S. Vietnam War and shape American foreign policies toward the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Kissinger was a giant of 20th-century American statesmen. He often occupied the limelight more than the presidents that he served. I remember seeing him in stories about society as if it were Hollywood royalty. The Journal article continues, “In 50 years, Kissinger has never lost his passion for the spotlight and global politics.”

Kissinger was a towering intellectual figure, which is sadly not seen in American politics’ upper echelons anymore.