Disaster: Nancy Pelosi Stumbles in Failed Attempt to Defend Biden


It was fun watching the Biden team, and the Democrats scramble to explain Biden’s problems and to try to cover him up all these years.

Will he remain in the race? At least, that’s where they seem to be at the moment. It’s because trying to replace him will open up a whole new can of worms. The conundrum they’ve created has them in a bind. There’s a guy who isn’t always engaged between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. — don’t worry about any crises when he is on vacation or outside those hours. He’s also a mess when he gets engaged. Not to mention the possible mess and scramble to replace him, and maybe not having a candidate anyone would vote for.

Biden is so deluded that he claims to have converted people into voting for him through this debate. This is how out of his mind he is.

Democrats are panicking and don’t know what to do. Someone should have warned Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, that it might not be the best thing to do when she was asked to defend Biden over the issue of incoherence.

CNN’s Dana Bash questioned her about the calls from The NY Times, as well as Biden’s friend Tom Friedman who is also a Times columnist, for Biden and his family to withdraw from the race. Friedman said that, if Biden lost, “Biden’s family and staff — as well as his party members and supporters who enabled him — would not be able to show their faces.”

Pelosi reverted to the narrative “We see Biden close up,” as if in private, he was different than the stumbling idiot we see in public. If Biden can’t speak coherently and is unable to form sentences, it’s just “a bad night”. Ignore the dementia and his failure to hold the Oval Office. She had difficulty even getting out the words she wanted to use. It is not wise to try and reinforce an incoherent Biden by slurring Nancy.

Pelosi said that her people in Northern and Southern California still support Biden and Kamala.

She said that this was an occasion for Biden “to show his stamina.” Um, Nancy? He has already missed that opportunity.

How desperate can she be to try and claim that Trump is suffering from dementia?

She pleads with you not to believe what your eyes have seen.

It doesn’t work anymore.