Disgraced Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Plots Comeback


    Andrew Cuomo, a Democratic governor of New York, resigned last year amid a scandal involving sexual harassment. In interviews with twelve former aides, the governor is still stewing over his forced resignation and has been consulting with some of them in order to decide his best course.

    Cuomo’s former aides and Cuomo’s attorney said to the outlet that he is “planning a plan for vindication himself” over what he believes is a “politically motivated” report by state Attorney General Letitia Jam. James revealed last August that Cuomo had sex harassed 11 women. Five district attorneys decided not to press criminal charges since then, but the report states that “none questioned” the veracity the women’s claims.

    Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s lawyer, stated that “I do expect you to hear from the governor fairly soon on this issue.” “I cannot give you the date but I do know that he will make some comments.”

    She added, “He will not allow this to go.”

    His past and current advisors suggested that he might use his remaining influence to criticize his political enemies and “steer political discussions.” Eric Adams, the New York Mayor, was reported to have been seen eating with him recently.

    According to the report, “An aggressive push comes at a cost,” some ex-aides pointed out. He will likely face civil lawsuits over the sexual harassment claims. The state ethics board is trying for a $5.1 million book contract; and he continues to be plagued by an undercounting of deaths in nursing homes.

    Others speculated that he might try to retake the seat of state attorney general with $13 million in campaign funds. However, Rick Azzopardi’s spokesperson said that this is not the case.

    “While it is impossible for anyone to help it, if some people here continue to be fixed on him, this blatantly false,” Azzopardi said to Politico. “From the beginning, the governor has been laser-focused in getting the truth out. He wants New Yorkers understanding the rampant politics of prosecutorial misconduct that permeated each page of the AG’s sham Report.”

    Cuomo spoke to Bloomberg News and stated that he does not rule out a future in politics, but that he regretted resigning.

    “I never resigned simply because I claimed I was wrong. He said that he was resigning as he didn’t want to distract from the conversation.

    James supports her report and stated that Cuomo was a serial sexual harasser.

    James’ office stated that Andrew Cuomo had been hiding behind his campaign lawyer for months and falsely calling it a witch hunt despite having admitted to the misconduct several times. Glavin stated that Cuomo would file an official complaint to seek James’ disbarment.

    “If he believes he has a legal case, he should file it. These attacks are shameful and yet another desperate charade masking the truth: Andrew Cuomo, a serial sexual harasser,” James’s office said.

    According to the Politico report, “other than seeking vindication… few could provide a rationale for any campaign.”

    “The most important question that everyone is asking is when will people move on?” An anonymous former Cuomo aide told the outlet that there were no answers. “You must pivot at some point. What is the pivot point? A loss in an election. “I think the pivot point is where he is comfortable saying, “I need to move forward.”

    According to the report, Cuomo’s former female aides filed a complaint to get Cuomo disbarred.

    “While Andrew Cuomo is continuing his media campaign of ‘vindication,’ the Sexual Harassment Working Group fights for actual accountability for the harm that he caused to at least eleven women,” said the group.

    Politico stated that Cuomo’s “extraordinary support” during his time as governor “evaporated.”