Disney and Bob Iger Face Fierce Scrutiny


Of all the corporations in America currently going broke because they went woke, I find Disney to be the most interesting, not in the least bit because they had arguably the most significant hold on the minds and hearts of Americans than any other company. While Bud Light was a popular beer and Target was a popular store, they were easily replaced…but Disney is Disney.


Disney has gone from being America’s Company to a corporation which saw it take on some of America’s biggest names in the Democrat Party to defend its reputation. It then slowly slid further and further to the left, until it became a hive for activism and radical ideologies ready to openly challenge Republicans who wanted to pass legislation giving parents more rights over children.

Disney CEO Bob Iger is the architect behind this woke takeover at Disney. He’s now in a hole that he cannot climb out of.

The New York Post reports that Iger’s inner circles often complain of being “overwhelmed” and “exhausted”, half-jokingly saying out loud, “Why did I return? Iger’s efforts to turn around the company by raising prices on Disney+, laying off employees, and promising to pull Disney out of the culture war haven’t been successful.

This has caused some internal strife. Activist Nelson Peltz and his company Trian Fund Management are now positioning themselves for a control grip on the House of Mouse. Trian purchased a huge amount of Disney stock, taking Trian’s holdings up from 6.4 to 30 million shares over the summer, according to The Post.

With a stake of $2.5 billion, Trian — with over $8.5 billion in assets under management — is Disney’s biggest investor. Peltz will finally be able to get the board seat he has been fighting for since early this summer.

Peltz, who describes himself as “centrist,” has shown himself to be far more Republican in his leanings. He even organized a fundraiser to help Donald Trump win re-election and is now a supporter of Ron DeSantis.

This is funny, given that Disney’s war on DeSantis has been one of the main reasons why many Americans have turned their backs on the company.

I have expressed my doubts that Iger will be able to turn Disney around. It is infested by radical leftists, to the point that conservatives and middle-class workers within the company live in fear. The company’s actions are so damaging to its relationship with America, that goodwill turned into bad blood. Radical leftist, feminist, and LGBT propaganda has permeated nearly every corner of Disney. They even put men in dresses with make-up and in front of little girl boutique

Iger started the fire which is burning down Disney, and now it’s too late to stop it. Parents are disgusted with the company and won’t be returning. The company betrayed the trust of parents and actively denounced the importance of their child’s life in its war against Florida’s parental rights law.

The time of death will be announced soon.

This Disney is an imposter and deserves to be killed.

I believe that Disney’s old charm is still there, hidden under all the radical nonsense. I hope that Disney will return to its former glory as a cultural force for family entertainment, as Walt Disney intended. It should not be in its current form, but rather as it was when it first began. Disney shouldn’t just serve as a vehicle for radicalized political messages, but instead as an organization that defines the spirit of American exceptionalism

Disney needs a new leader who can inspire the public to once again believe in Disney.

Disney must reduce its size by selling off parts of itself, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and other television properties. Disney has killed these brands under Iger. They went from being cultural giants who inspired fandoms in untold numbers and brought great success, to failures which few people are enthusiastic about and only speak negatively about.

Disney needs to revitalize and revive its core. The company must return to being the “Imagineer” and create original and breathtaking shows. Disney has to stop trying to bring back properties created by better men and women in order to capitalize on nostalgia, which is hyper-politicized in any case.

It is important to stay away from politics. There is a toxic atmosphere in the political world and businesses that enter it are poisoned.

It is important to understand that this is not a political act, but rather an anti-political one. Parents are not political. They simply parent their children. Disney should not try to fight this natural fact.

Disney must eliminate high-ranking positions in order to rid itself of hyper-political influence.