Disney Series Features a Robot Getting Tampon Advice From a Trans Man


In Wednesday’s Fox News episode, Laura Ingraham told you about Baymax, a new Disney+ series where a robot voiced by a man asks a female customer which menstrual products they recommend. Many other shoppers help out with suggestions, including one with a trans flag on the shirt.

Ingraham notes that Disney+’s “only warning” for the show is about flashing patterns and sequences, but does not warn about the embedded trans ideology. Although my children are now older, I doubt they would have been thrilled to see this show when they were five years old. Watch:

Ingraham asked Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at Manhattan Institute, what happened at end of the clip. He explained:

It’s subtle but you can see that a shirt is a trans man. The shirt is made from the colors and designs of the transgender flag. This subtle message is that men can have periods. This is a common theme among trans activists. I have an internal video of Disney’s internal videos and it is clear that they are trying to promote trans ideology first through background characters.

He explains that it gets worse:

The program tracks these “gender non-conforming” background characters and then gradually but surely re-engineers the conversation around children and sexuality. This is only one example of what they are doing, and they do it deliberately.

Rufo claims that the problem is not a single clip from a series. The problem is that Disney intends to promote trans ideology through all of its offerings.

Disney is recontextualizing certain older films and denouncing their racism or inequalities. Radical activists are holding the company hostage. Ron DeSantis has, as we all know, stripped Disney of its special status. The stock price of Disney has fallen to $50 billion and the public’s approval rating has gone from 77 percent to 33% favorability in the past year.

Disney doesn’t seem to care what its customers think.

So despite all the warning signs that Disney should be taking corrective action, it isn’t. The radical activists at the bottom of the company have taken the corporate executives hostage and the content hostage. That’s why we are witnessing this today.

Compare Disney’s denigration of older films to Paramount’s bolder statement about the issue of content from its past. RedState’s Brandon Morse reported that Paramount Chief Paramount CEO Bob Bakish stated:

You can have things made at different times and with different sensibilities. I don’t believe that art should be censored if it was created historically. That’s likely a mistake.

Disney seems to have other ideas. Even as Disney employees lament the company’s “woke agenda”, decrying its decision to fund abortion seekers’ travel costs, some are expressing their dismay at this.

However, not all are critical of Disney’s push for woke ideology down their throats. According to The Daily Beast, “Conservative idiots have lost their minds over a scene from Baymax that features a transmasculine character shopping at the tampon aisle.” The rest of the internet is celebrating.

The rest of the internet isn’t celebrating, Beast. There are many tweets that support Disney’s move. However, there are also many criticisms.

It is not my business who you identify with, with whom you have sex, what you wear, and whether you menstruate. Liberals often don’t realize that I don’t want any sexuality pushed on children. Florida’s “don’t say gay” law, which does not contain any such language, simply codified that teachers should not be telling elementary students about sex or sexual ideology. It’s totally inappropriate. Although my children are now older, I can still tell you that I strongly opposed them being shown anything about menstruation, male periods, or any other adult topic when they were younger.

For the sake of God, let children be children.