Doctor Says Biden Administration Dropped The Ball On Coronavirus Testing


    On Tuesday’s CNN’s New Day, Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of Brown University School of Public Health, stated that President Joe Biden had “failed to test coronaviruses”.

    KAITLAN COLLINS It is very difficult to simply walk into a shop and buy one. Officials like Dr. Fauci are stating that they expect to have the problem solved by mid-January or in a matter of weeks. How critical is this window for testing right now?

    DR. ASHISH JHA (Yes, it is critical. I can’t believe we are now almost two years into this pandemic. Everyone saw it coming. We all knew that we needed to take more tests. This is where the administration erred. The administration focuses a lot on vaccines. This is great. However, they did not pay enough attention for testing. It’s been very costly during this holiday season, I believe.