DOJ Claims Trump Did Not Declassify Documents. Oh, Really?


In a court filing last week, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice claimed that Trump didn’t formally declassify documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago. They requested a partial stop to the order to appoint an additional master to review the documents.

A court of appeals granted access to the documents to the Biden administration again on Wednesday.

Panelists argued that there was no evidence that these records had been classified.

Really? Is there any evidence that the records were classified? This argument has many flaws.

First, Kash Patel (a former Trump administration official) told Breitbart News that the documents had been declassified and that his presence was necessary for their declassification.

There’s also the fact that President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum on January 19, 2021 titled “Memorandum On Declassification Of Certain Materials Related To the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation”. This clearly shows that documentation has been provided that documents related to Crossfire Hurricane were at least declassified.