Dollar General Worker’s ‘Misgendering’ Encounter Goes Viral: His Response Is Pure Gold


According to a TikTok posting, a Dollar General in Pflugerville, TX was the site of a violent bout of “transphobia.”

The video was shared by several right-wing accounts. In it, you can watch a female-sounding male confronting an employee of the store. He accuses him of misgendering, and the situation only gets funnier from there.

The guy’s expressions are what makes his reaction so special. You have to see this video to fully appreciate it.

This Dollar General’s employee is a saint. The lunatic is screaming at him, denying biological reality and demanding others confirm his delusions. The employee, instead of being angry that the camera was in his face and causing him to scream, laughs off the situation, saying that the man was really upset that his credit cards were declined. This made the trans-identifying individual even more apoplectic.

You can hear the transgender person at the end of the video mocking the employee, and saying that he will lose his job. It’s not known if he did, but I’d like to give Dollar General a word of caution: don’t.

Retail chains will be slammed for allowing this idiotic behavior. The complaints they would receive otherwise will far outweigh the backlash they will get. I’ve seen an alleged photo of the trans-identifying individual in question. (I won’t post it here because of lack of confirmation.) Let’s just say no one should expect to know that he believes he is a woman.

The video is funny but also a sign of a sick society. The transgender community is militant and believes that it’s at the top of whatever “oppression hierarchy” leftists have created. They are happy to take that route if it means trying to fire a black man who makes a low wage for being a human being. It’s time to make a change, and maybe more people will react like this employee.