Donald Trump Drops His Hilarious Major Announcement


Donald Trump teased a “major news” for several days and finally made it public on Thursday.

It was a hot topic among MAGA more than most. Sara Carter, who frequently appears on Sean Hannity’s Fox News, speculated that Trump would run for Speaker.

This was absurd considering Trump would not be able to get the votes. I also doubt that he would run for anything knowing he couldn’t win. Others believed that Trump would name Kari lake his running mate in 2024.

My prediction that it would be something mundane and unspectacular turned out to be correct. Trump is not making a major announcement. He is actually getting into an online scam called NFTs.

I’m sorry, what? Who on his team thought this was a good idea? How much do they get paid for it? Trump didn’t invent this idea. This is due to his lack of technical knowledge. This was the work of a person in his orbit who wanted to make a quick buck.

Trump’s name is on anything, so it feels a little excessive. Serious presidential campaigns don’t use grifting NFT scams to take money from dementia-ridden elderly women. This is the next level.

The whole thing feels a lot like a cash grab by someone who doesn’t expect to win in 2024. And can see the end of the gravy train. Selling NFTs is something I don’t like to say. Let’s face it. Even his most loyal supporters will be questioning his motives and looking at him sideways. To continue to do this for days, making it appear that he actually had something to say. This is kind of mean.

Since the election, I have not written about Trump except for hard news (i.e. The DOJ investigation). This is mainly because I know that I have many readers who support him in 2024. I’m not ready to fight the battle yet and I don’t intend to make people I agree with mad. I voted twice for Trump so I have zero animosity toward anyone who is a Trump fan. This kind of stuff makes it difficult for me to keep my hands off the ground.

NFTs are a fraud. They are a scam and have no value. I’ve always criticized anyone who promotes them (not here, but elsewhere). It is not 2016. It’s not 2016 anymore. All press is not good media. Simply getting people talking does not earn him votes. Although it’s funny and I find it amusing, this was a mistake.