Dr. Gorka Vows Political Battle With January 6 Committee Following Phone Records Subpoena


    After Verizon’s revelation that his phone records had been subpoenaed, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to President, has pledged to “go to war” with the House Select Committee.

    Gorka said in an exclusive interview that they’d chosen the wrong man — but they don’t know I have all my clearances. He also stated that he was ready to fight with Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and all the radicalized Democrats who have sadly destroyed the party.

    Gorka stated, “I’m going approach it as someone who has been teaching political warfare for almost twenty years, training members of the military Special Forces and the intelligence community to understand that you don’t have to fire any shot to destroy God’s greatest Republic on God’s green earth.”

    Turning Point USA’s America Fest this weekend, Gorka revealed that Verizon had notified him that his phone records were being subpoenaed and that they would be turned over unless an injunction has been filed within fifteen days. Gorka told Breitbart News his case was unique in that the target wasn’t informed prior to the documents being turned over in other cases where phone carriers were subpoenaed.

    Gorka stated to Breitbart News, that the subpoena didn’t include any allegations of a crime. It only cited a speech he was supposed to give in front of the Supreme Court on Jan 6. But never did. He explained that Verizon would be giving over troves and tonnes of personal data to comply with the Democrats’ “political intimidation” of Trump supporters.

    “No mention was made about any crime I’m accused of having committed. I was supposed give a speech on that day. I didn’t. I didn’t know that that was a crime in America. Verizon is supposed to dump everything. All the SIM card details and phone numbers for me and my family. Gorka stated to Breitbart News that this is about the political intimidation of the nearly 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump. “I have done nothing wrong. That’s not the principle. The U.S. Constitution, the Fourth Amendment, and my right to not be seized of my property or my information is the principle.

    This is Soviet tactics. This is straight from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. He added that this is the politics for personal destruction.”

    Dr. Gorka stated that he would not file an injunction to prevent the transfer of his records, especially since he had a deadline of 15 days, which was Christmas Eve, making it virtually impossible. He plans to use Salem Radio’s public platform — which has three million daily listeners — and expose the practices of the Democrat Party-controlled Committee.

    Let’s be clear: I was a Cold War child. The Soviet Union was bankrupted by President Reagan. He did something that was a real blow to the communist ideology that led to that evil, wicked empire. But Margaret Thatcher, who I grew to love, did what Saint John Paul II did. That was to bankrupt them morally and prove that they were unlegitimate. Gorka stated that if you don’t fear, and you speak honestly about the extremists, the radicals, and their totalitarian tendencies that they fear, then that is the best thing.

    “This is not about party politics. This is not about left vs. right. This is about every American standing up for the U.S. Constitution. If you can use private communications of someone without due process and without a criminal conviction as a political weapon against them then that is the end of our Constitution.

    Gorka stated that he believes that his subpoena is an act of political despair by Democrats. This comes amid collapsing poll results for President Biden, a stalled agenda at Congress, and midterm elections quickly approaching.

    “But this is amazing… A man who was supposed to speak at Supreme Court on the same day as the President’s speech but didn’t, his phone record are being subpoenaed. What does this tell you about the desperation level? Gorka stated that if they can’t subpoena me, they are desperate because they see the popularity figures of Kamala and Biden, and know they will lose the midterm [election] next year. This is the fate of the Democrat Party, which wants to kill 74 million Americans but doesn’t have a weapon.