Dr. Phil Reveals Horrific Fates of Some Migrant Children at Southern Border to ‘View’ Hosts


‘We use American tax dollars to send children into sweatshops and prostitution known as such,’ said Dr. Phil

On Monday, Dr. Phil said on “The View” that children who arrive at the border are being forced into “prostitution or sweatshops.” He cited a conversation with the union head for border patrol.

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View”, asked Dr. Phil to tell her about his recent visit to the border. She also asked him what he learned from that experience.

“I spoke to the head border guards there, the leader of the union. I asked him directly, are kids coming across the border with phone numbers, addresses, and numbers written on their clothes? Do we check them out? He replied, “Well, we’ll call them.”

“Isn’t it possible that we send them to known prostitution rings or slave labor? He replied, “It is not possible. It is true. We are using American taxpayer dollars to send children into known prostitution rings and sweatshops.”

Dr. Phil answered that border agents call numbers and inquire about children.

On Monday, Dr. Phil was interviewed about his visit to the border south during “The View”.

They call and ask, “Do you know anything about this child?” “They say yes. When they arrive, will you be there to receive them? Yes. I asked, is it possible this could be a prostitution ring? He said that we are well-versed enough to recognize the fact that in many cases it’s been a sex ring. It turned out to have been a sweatshop. “How is this possible?” I asked. He said.

Hostin then asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office where they were located and if the office knew that this was happening at the border.

“You said that children are crossing the border with names and numbers. Some of them – these names belong to family members but you are saying – that’s correct, but others are sex slaves. Some are slaves in sweatshops. Why do you believe the federal government has not been involved? Why isn’t a U.S. Attorney involved? “Is there a problem with resources?” She asked. She asked.

Dr. Phil explained that it had something to do with the resources, and it was “hard” to tell if they reached out directly to the Biden Administration.

They say they are so overwhelmed by processing that this is all they can manage. “They’re no longer border guards or investigators because they are just processing and processing and processing,” he replied.

In a video that was posted on social media early in February, Dr. Phil discussed his border visit.

In a video that he posted on X, former “Dr. Phil’s” host cited Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott claimed that President Biden would not enforce protection laws, and “entice” thousands of migrants into the U.S. by avoiding legal entry points.

In 2022, Dr. Phil will appear on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

During this mission, Texas law enforcement seized more than 454 million lethal doses of fentanyl. McGraw stated that Governor Abbott had said the federal government broke the pact made between the United States Federal Government and the States. “Governor Abbott claims that President Biden refused to enforce these laws and even violated them,” McGraw said.

He continued, “The result of this is a humanitarian catastrophe, unlike anything else we’ve ever seen, breaking records for illegal immigration, by wasting taxpayers’ dollars to tear up Texas border security infrastructure.” “Governor Abbott claims that President Biden has lured tens and thousands of illegal migrants away from the 28 legal entry points on the Texas border, into the deadly dangerous waters of the Rio Grande.”