Election-Fraud Lawsuits Have Ruined MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell


Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, is a highly respected businessman. After all the legal battles waged against Mike Lindell over allegations of rigged elections, he has no money left.

According to NBC News, Lindell’s lawyers at Parker Daniels Kibort LLC want him to leave because he has not paid millions of dollars in legal fees.

On Thursday, the law firm Parker Daniels Kibort LLC submitted a court document stating that Lindell & MyPillow had fallen months behind on their legal bills in three defamation suits and couldn’t afford to hire him.

In the filing, it was stated that at this time defendants owe PDK millions of dollars. “PDK is a small litigation and trial attorney firm in Minneapolis, MN that cannot afford to pay for the defense of Defendants.”

If forced to continue providing legal services to Lindell, the firm said that “future fees and costs will amount to millions of dollars in addition to what is already owed.”

Lindell claimed the voting machines manufactured by Smartmatic or Dominion Voting Systems had stolen the 2020 elections. Lindell claims that his claims have damaged the reputation of both companies. A former Dominion employee, Eric Coomer, filed a third suit against Lindelol.

Lindell told NBC that if he was rich, he would gladly pay his “brave”, “courageous”, and “smart” lawyers.

He said to NBC News: “We lost everything. Every dime. “Every dime has been spent.”

His poverty is so bad that he can’t even get a bank loan.

Lindell told NBC: “They have taken my loan due to you all in the media.”

Lindell is seeking a new legal adviser, reports PDK.

Although the exact amount of Lindell’s debt is not known, Newsweek reported that he borrowed $10m in March. Lindell told NBC that he will continue proclaiming that the 2020 elections are stolen, despite being financially ruinous.

“I will never stop working for our elections,” he said.

Media outlets are thrilled about the news. Joe Scarborough, Mike Brzezinski and MSNBC Morning Joe had a good time on Friday. Scarborough made up a story about a lesson his grandfather taught him about conspiracy theories.

Joey replies, “You’re right, my grandfather did not teach him what I learned.” Joey says, “You know, my grandfather didn’t teach him the lesson I learned.”

You will see this message more frequently throughout the day as the news spreads.

Lindell has limited options and is unsure of his next move.