Elon Musk Denies He Talked to Vladimir Putin About His Peace Plan


Elon Musk was the headliner last Monday when he attempted to transcend his roles as an entrepreneur and connoisseur of government grants and rent-seeking and to become an international peacemaker.

Vice.com’s article Elon Musk Spoke to Putin Before Tweeting Ukraine Peace Plan made Elon Musk hot again on social media Tuesday. Report

Elon Musk, after speaking with Vladimir Putin directly, tweeted a suggestion to end the war in Ukraine. Russia would then have permanent control of Ukraine’s territory. Since then, it has been claimed.

Ian Bremmer was writing to Eurasia Group subscribers and stated that Tesla CEO Musk told him that Putin was open to negotiations, but only if Crimea remains Russian and if Ukraine accepts some form of permanent neutrality.

Bremmer claimed that Musk told Putin that these goals would be achieved “No Matter What.” This included the possibility that a nuclear strike could occur if Ukraine invades Crimea (which Russia annexed back to Russia in 2014). Bremmer claimed that Musk had instructed him to do all he could to stop that from happening.

To see if Vice.com writers have more cultural knowledge than you, you can look at the spelling for “recognized”.

However, there were questions raised about the source of the dumbf***ery and the amount that it produces.

Ian Bremmer, an academic, risk consultant, and president of Eurasia Group consultancy made the claim later that day.

I agree with Bremmer.

The claimant is a well-respected political scientist, despite it being reported in a sketchy way. His customers pay him for the inside information and not for material self-gratification.

Bremmer is well-known for reporting on secret meetings. In July 2017, President Trump was reported to have met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

A CEO of a political consultancy firm was able to provide details about President Donald Trump’s second meeting at the G20 dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ian Bremmer tweeted, “President Trump. We would love to hear from you about your conversations with Putin. In tweets, the president called news reports about the meeting “sick” and “fake News”.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was sent to confirm that the meeting had taken place one day later.

Officials from the White House confirmed Tuesday that President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin twice at the G-20 summit.

After a dinner for two at the summit in Hamburg, Trump spoke to Putin. According to the official, it was a casual dinner. Trump and Putin also shared their pull asides. These are less formal than official bilateral meetings.

The White House has not made any disclosures or records of the discussions at the meeting. This was first reported on by Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group’s global consulting firm.

Musk’s “peace” proposal was identical to Putin’s.

He’s proposing “elections” in a region currently occupied by Russian troops with no way to establish who is entitled to vote, thanks to the Russian policy of requiring people in occupied territory to accept Russian passports. He’s not proposing a cessation of combat and replacing Russian troops with UN peacekeepers for the election period. The irony of having the UN supervise elections that violate the UN Charter’s statement on territorial integrity is just too much. He was acceding to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 (and repeating the Kremlin lines that Crimea has been Russian since 1783 and “Khrushchev’s mistake” stands out). Plus, we know how the Ukrainian people voted when they were not under occupation by a hostile power.

Yuriy Boyko, the first candidate to finish in dark blue, was the first. He was a strong supporter of closer ties to Russia but not secession from Ukraine.

Musk’s request for Ukraine to surrender its sovereignty to Putin is yet another thing that Putin and his aides have been yodling about since late last year.

Musk’s proposal was in essence the Russian position, as it has been stated many times by the Kremlin.

Another data point is the Kremlin’s recent addition of Instagram and Facebook to their “terrorist/extremist” list for the presence of “Russophobia”, in connection with Putin’s War.

Is there another social network that is not on this list? One with a strong pro–Ukraine and anti–Russian position. This list also includes accounts that have been praised by the media for fighting pro–Russian accounts.

Musk promoted Twitter’s future as an app that does everything, which would mean it should be available in Russia.

This is not to suggest that Musk is Russian-owned. He provided Starlink satellites for Ukraine which enabled them to defeat Russia’s online operations. But, it appears that he was paid for the parts by the US government. This is especially absurd considering that Ian Bremmer has been supportive of Musk for quite some time.

While it is impossible to know the truth, I think that Bremmer’s account is closer than Musk’s.