Elon Musk’s Joke on Whiny Liberals Wins Best Joke of the Day in Blue Check War


Get ready for the Great Battle of the Blue Checks to continue!

So far, it seems like Twitter’s Elon Musk is sweeping the liberal critics off the clock.

Liberals were furious that blue checks had been removed. They believed they were entitled to the blue checks and felt aggrieved at having to pay just like everyone else. But they wanted the recognition, even if they didn’t want to pay eight dollars. Some still tried to show how elite they are: Keith Olbermann has a blue arrow on his profile, Alyssa Milano has a diamond in blue, and others have “verified” stamped all over their banners or profiles. It was amazing to see the mental turmoil. It was the new liberal way to show their virtue, saying something bad about Elon Musk and then claiming that they wouldn’t pay eight dollars for Twitter Blue.

As I noted earlier, because they were also small, petty people, they wanted to hurt Musk. So they promoted “Block the Blue”, a campaign to get people to block people who had blue checks. It’s so juvenile. The blue checks were identified by using the column of verified mentions on Twitter. Musk, as I mentioned, figured out their trick and disabled the column temporarily so they couldn’t continue. Musk tweeted “Checkmate” after it was suspended.

It’s funny that, while Musk championed meritocracy, and gave everyone an equal opportunity, those who always yell about “equity”, are the loudest critics of it.

They would then be talking in an echo chamber. It would also mean the blue-check people wouldn’t have these liberals to deal with. Signing up for Twitter Blue is a great idea!

Musk was not done. He had a better troll in mind for our whiny liberal friends.

He began giving Twitter Blue checks to some of the most vocal complainers, making it appear as though they had paid. This would then allow them to be blocked for their “Block the Blue”, a whiny movement. It’s positively genius.

People like Paul Krugman protested that they had not paid Elon because he was evil and mean. But then, there appeared that blue check.

Several accounts with over a hundred thousand followers complained that they had received the check back but hadn’t paid. They were now upset that they got it back.

Chrissy Teigen shared another account of exasperation after regaining the badge. She received the badge of shame after sharing that. She lamented, “It will not go away.” She did figure out that changing a name will remove a check.

Now it’s funny — now that they know it’s punishment, it shows them for the babies they are. They want them out.

Musk laughed about what he had done.