Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter Halts as New Information About Its User-Base Surfaces


Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the most significant news in 2022 when he purchased the social media site Twitter. This sent leftist dictators from all corners of America spiraling into depression, and a lot of temper tantrums. Although the purchase took months, it appears that it will take longer than expected as new information has been released about the userbase.

Musk discovered Friday morning that less than five percent of Twitter users are fake or spam accounts.

What does all this mean?

The site’s market value will drop if there are more spambots. Because it offers more advertising capabilities, the fewer spambots are on the site is better. If nearly 30% of the people who see your tweets are fake, no business would want to advertise on Twitter. Musk will spend $44 billion to buy something. He wants to ensure that everything is accurate and that he understands what he is getting into.

Before you leave, do you make sure you have checked your food bag at the drive-thru? Musk is only checking his bag.

Musk did assure everyone that he was still committed to the purchase, no matter what. This pause is temporary while the numbers are resolved.

Since Musk announced his offer to purchase the site, he has faced many obstacles. Although many tried to block his path, including Twitter’s board of directors, they quickly gave in and accepted his offer. Musk’s goal is to make Twitter a free speech platform, which it should be from the beginning. He calls this the “de facto square”, and it will allow all to participate, not just those on the left.

Twitter was radically unfair to the left until now. Shadowbans, suspensions, and bans were common for anyone who questioned the narrative of the left, not just those on right. It didn’t matter if they were right or not. Musk wants to change this and make it more equal. This has made people who support the authoritarian leftist slant extremely angry.

America will be better off if this deal is completed.