Enes Kanter Slams Lebron James For Ignoring Chinese Genocide


Enes Kanter is becoming one of the NBA’s moral conscience and released a new shoe design that took the league, and LeBron James for not recognizing the human rights violations committed by their Chinese partners. Kanter attacked his teammates for pretending to care about social justice while disregarding China’s horrific record of human rights abuses. Kanter blasted athlete LeBron James and accused him of prioritizing money over morals.

Kanter sharply tweeted out that it is Money Over Morals for The King. He wrote that it is sad and disgusting how these athletes pretend to care about social justice, but keep quiet and play when the CCP tells them to.

He asked if people do their research about the slave labor used to make their shoes. Kanter also attacked Joe Biden’s footsie with China, in which he told Joe Biden to Stop playing with the bullies.

Kanter has been focusing on China’s abuses for several months, trying to get his fellow players on board to see the horrors the communist giants have inflicted on China’s minority population.