Ethics Complaints Involving TikTok and Abuse of Official Resources Filed Against Democratic Squad Members


There are all kinds of security risks being raised about the use of TikTok because of potential control and spying by the Chinese.

The House instructed staff and lawmakers to take down TikTok in December due to potential security threats. Joe Biden, a Republican, signed a law prohibiting TikTok on any government-issued device.

But, Democratic legislators don’t just post TikTok videos or throw caution to the wind; they also violate the rules.

Congressmen must keep a strict separation between their campaign work and their official duties. They cannot also take photographs or videos of the Capitol Building for campaign purposes.

Some Democrats seem to ignore these rules to get ‘TikToks’ and to advance their political campaigns.

Freshman Rep. Jeff Jackson (D-NC) has gained 1.6 million followers by posting videos about the inner workings of Congress. But he’s doing it from the same account that promotes his political campaign. Jackson has posted 15 videos that average 4.2 million views each and he’s used images from the House floor in at least six of those videos, violating longstanding ethics rules says the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) which has filed a complaint against him with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Similar actions were also taken against other members of the “Squad”, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, and Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), for similar acts.

FACT revealed that Bowman violated the rules by recording a TikTok video inside the US Capitol Building as well as in his congressional offices. A message was also posted calling for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ official accounts. Another ethical violation.

Omar was the first to be notified about an ethical violation.

FACT accuses Omar of using TikTok for “overtly political-oriented posts,” which includes a video where she encourages viewers to vote in favor of Democrat candidates. The message also asks Democrats to get involved in campaigning. You can also see Omar at events and campaigning.

She also posted political content, including C-SPAN footage from the House floor and what appears to be a cell phone recording of the Housefloor. Additionally, she conducted interviews from her House Office,” said the complaint to Omar Ashmawy chief House ethics counsel.

These Democrats don’t seem to care about ethics and posting on TikTok. They seem to be only interested in their own promotion.

He says that the Chinese have made Republicans “no swag”.

He said that they shouldn’t shut it down because he felt it gave Democrats an advantage over the younger generation.

Pro tip?

Democrats only care about how it advances and maintains control.