Evacuations Underway After Another Train Derails, This Time Near Philadelphia


Just before 5 am on Monday, 15 to 20 cars from a train of 40 cars carrying hazardous materials derailed in Whitemarsh Township (Pa.), about 40 minutes north-east of Philadelphia.

Hazmat crews responded and began evacuating on Camburn Road.

WCAU is reporting that a white substance was leaking out of a tanker, but WPVI claims non-hazardous silicone pellets are the only things leaking from the car.

At this time, there are no reported injuries.

Whitemarsh Emergency Services has been investigating the derailment in Plymouth Meeting of a Norfolk Southern Train, according to a Facebook post by the Whitemarsh Police Department. The derailment occurred in an area bordered by Flourtown Road and Joshua Road.

CSCX and Norfolk Southern officials are already on the scene, alongside members of the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety Emergency Response Team.

The derailment on Monday is just one of many this year. One of the most notable was in New Palestine (Ohio), where hazardous materials were spewed into the soil and waters of the area on February 3, 2023.

Hazmat crews burned much of the hazardous gasses that leaked, sending them into the air.

On July 3, 2023, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine requested that President Biden declare a significant catastrophe for East Palestine. This request was made on the same day that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requested an extension.

Norfolk Southern has reimbursed East Palestine, Ohio, and other states for the costs associated with the tragic derailment. The incident has claimed the lives of local animals and pets and killed tens and thousands of fish and aquatic life in the nearby waterways.

In a letter addressed to Biden, Governor DeWine said: “It is possible that at some future point, the voluntary support provided to the community by Norfolk Southern will cease. This declaration is necessary to ensure that State and Federal government utilize all resources to step in and assist the community.”

DeWine continued in his letter: “Due to the uniqueness of this incident, the state continues to work on identifying current needs and evaluating the future impacts of this disaster on individuals and communities.” In addition to the mental and physical health effects, there were also economic impacts. Property values have declined and businesses are losing business because people are reluctant to enter the community.

President Biden could not be bothered to travel to East Palestine, which is a community that supports Donald Trump. Former President Trump visited and brought the town much-needed supplies.