Even MSNBC Host Doesn’t Believe Pelosi’s Spin On Bad Polling For Democrats


California Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted unsuccessfully to downplay polling showing that the economy was getting worse was driving support for Republicans during the run-up the midterm elections.
Pelosi made the comments during an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

Mitchell said, “So let’s talk rising inflation concerns alongside criminal giving momentum to Republicans after closing the gap. The historic gap. ”

“Yes,” Pelosi agreed.

“Despite all of the legislative achievements, which I want them to cit, I believe it was an extraordinary session. She concluded that the president and you have done so much in domestic concerns, the economy. So, why isn’t this message getting through to voters?”

Pelosi responded, “Well, first of all, let me just state that I don’t agree with many of your statements. Pelosi replied, “Well, first off, let me just say that I disagree with a lot of what you have said.

Mitchell interrupted, “It is also a RealClearPolitics Average that is showing similar issues.” ”

“No. No. No.

“So, I just dismiss it. Since Congress adjourned, I have been there. I have been to five states on average per week, and I can assure you that women’s rights regarding voting are still very important. She said.

Pelosi maintained that inflation was a global problem but later acknowledged that some of it was President Joe Biden’s policies.

She stated that some of the country’s inflation was due to the fact that the president created nearly ten million jobs — nine or at most nine millions in the private sector.

Liberals were outraged at the New York Times/Siena College Poll which found that abortion was not a top concern for likely voters while inflation and the economy have increased in prominence.