Ex-Cop Leaks Audio: Capitol Riot Cover-Up Exposed?


Tarik Johnson, a former U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant, announced last week that he would release audio recordings from the Capitol riot of January 6, which he said proved that the whole incident was “set up” and the proof had been covered.

He wrote last week on X/Twitter: “I spoke with my lawyer and told him my plans as it relates to releasing information about X regarding the J6 setup and the cover-up which followed.” “I wanted to know if there would be any legal consequences if I did.” He said he did not see any, and that if anything arose, we would handle it together. It’s A Go!!!!

Johnson added, “I ask everyone to have patience as I am going to do it right. I will make another post before loading the 12-hour run to my website. Also, since I am not tech-savvy, I will have to learn how to upload large audio and document files from my computer. I need some extra time. In the middle of this, I have to go to work and deal with family matters at the same. But you can be sure I will have everything finished by next week. “Hopefully by Wednesday.”

Johnson was so concerned about his safety, that he told his followers the information he was about to release was in the hands of both his attorney and Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Johnson posted the audio on Sunday.

Here we go… “Episode 1,” he wrote. The mainstream media tells you that J6 is an insurrection. Please tell me whether the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pitman were proper and heroic. Pittman is called Unit 2, and she’s sitting in the USCP Commander Center on a dias where she can listen to radio traffic and has a 360-degree view of the Capitol.

Johnson continued, “She also can see the activities in the Capitol where there are cameras. Chief Steven A Sund, the chief of police in the area, was on the telephone trying to get approval from other agencies for assistance from the National Guard and the National Guard. I was trying to de-escalate the situation, specifically asking Pittman for assistance. My call sign was “405J-John.”

The audio from the J6 police scanner indicates that Pittman was unavailable or uncooperative when Sund attempted to deploy the National Guard. The recording supports criticisms of Capitol Police’s failure to act decisively to protect the Capitol and Members of Congress despite warnings about potential violence. Sund’s claim that the National Guard was denied multiple times before and during the Riot is corroborated by the audio.

Johnson also called the new Capitol Police chief J. Thomas Manger is out for his opposition to the release of the J6 video.

Johnson continued his post on X/Twitter by saying, “We know Pittman is the one who caused the incident on J6, but [Manger] fights Speaker Johnson to release all the video footage. He ensures that all NDAs USCP employees were forced to sign are still in place. And he refuses to let anyone see the LWOP agreement he negotiated for Pittman to get her retirement and to take a job in California where she would make over a quarter-million dollars per year.” “I almost forgot to mention that I’m ensuring USCP whistleblowers are not protected when they report corruption or malfeasance in the Department.”

Johnson called Manger, the “most corrupt political figure in the country,” and said that Manger was “withholding justice from all those who have been wronged by J6” by refusing to release the J6 video.