Ex-NBA Player Terrence Williams Sentenced to Decade in Prison


A federal judge sentenced an ex-first-round NBA draft choice to 10 years behind bars on Thursday. The judge said that he used people skills to get others to help him commit $5 million in health insurance fraud after he had “frittered” away substantial earnings from his career.

Terrence Williams, 36 of Seattle, has also been ordered to forfeit over $650,000 and pay $2.5 Million in restitution. He cheated the NBA Health and Welfare Benefit Plan from 2017 to 2021, with the assistance of a Californian dentist and Californian and Washington State doctors. Profits were made by claiming fictitious dental and medical expenses.

Williams recruited other people to process fraudulent bills created by medical professionals. The plan provides health benefits for eligible NBA players, including former and active NBA players, and their families.

Valerie E. Caproni, the judge who heard his case, told him: “You are yet another basketball player who has frittered away significant earnings during the time you played professionally.” You should have been able to live comfortably for the rest of your life with what you earned, but instead, you didn’t.

Williams was selected No. 11 in the 2009 draft by what was then known as New Jersey Nets. Williams was selected No. 11 by the New Jersey Nets in 2009 when they were the New Jersey Nets. Williams played for the Nets as well as Boston Celtics Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings before his career ended in 2013. Williams’ salary was $ 6.9 million during his career.

Williams pleaded guilty in an alleged case that led to criminal charges being brought against 18 former NBA stars. Thirteen people have so far pleaded guilty. Many of those sentenced received probation or “time served”, meaning that they did not have to go to jail. Authorities said that at least 10 ex-players had paid Williams kickbacks worth about $230,000.

The majority of the former players charged were journeymen who played for multiple teams and did not reach the level of stardom or income that top athletes command.

The 18 players earned a total of $343 million in their NBA careers. This does not include endorsements, outside income, or any money they may have earned playing abroad.

Williams cried repeatedly before the sentence was handed down as he blamed “stupidity” and “greed” for his crimes. He also expressed regret that his imprisonment would keep him away from his six kids, two of whom have grown up.

He said, “I take responsibility for my part in this case one hundred percent.”

He said he was “humiliated and humbled” when he appeared in court. He blamed his criminality on his opioid addiction, which developed after he began taking painkillers for the pain he felt from lingering injuries he sustained during his professional career.

The judge said that it was apparent he had used his charisma to get friends to join him to steal money because he did not want to find a legitimate job.

She described his behavior as “extortionate and aggressive”; his motive, she said, was “greed.”

Caproni stated, “You are only concerned with yourself and not other people.”

She told him that she would require him to take part in a course on how to manage his money. She said that she was unsure what happened to the NBA earnings he earned. “My guess is they were just frittered on stupid things.”

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams stated that the defendant, who played college football for Louisville, recruited medical professionals to commit a criminal plot and maximize illegal profit.

Williams not only stuffed his pockets with fraud and deceit but also stole other people’s identities and threatened witnesses to further his criminal activities. Williams faces prison time for his brazen criminal actions.

Williams has been in prison since May 2022 when prosecutors claimed that he sent text messages threatening a witness.