Ex-Recon Marine Exposes Biden Administration’s False Claims Regarding Americans Left in Afghanistan


Joe Biden made some shocking moves during his presidency. His most outrageous move was leaving Americans in Afghanistan in the wrathful hands of the most dangerous terrorist group on the planet.

Chad Robichaux, a former Force Recon Marine, and Department of Defense contractor was part of a Joint Special Operations Command Task Force which deployed eight times in Afghanistan to support the Joint Special Operations Command. He says the administration was lying when it claimed that Americans could flee Afghanistan after the crisis.

Robichaux said that there are still Americans who want freedom from Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in a Wednesday interview on “Just the News, No Noise”.

Some Americans still want to escape. 75,000 Afghan allies are at risk of being interrogated for information about America and beaten while others are executed in service to America.

You can view the video here:

Robichaux said that fleeing Afghanistan was nearly impossible after the collapse of the government. This is true even though it’s not possible to flee Afghanistan via traditional flights.

Although the State Department controlled the airport, the Taliban managed to control the perimeter of who could enter and leave the airport.

Taliban can be seen in force checking IDs, beating, and taking passports away from people. If you are an American citizen, you must go through the Taliban checkpoint in order to fly to the airport.

Following his deliberate Afghanistan disaster, Biden made numerous reprehensible statements. The following were some of these:

It was the right decision.

Can we extend a temporary exit? American citizens want to flee from a terrorist group with the power to kill women. Biden proved it wasn’t “Leave No American Behind” in politics.

Nick Arama, my colleague, reported that Colin Kahl, Secretary of Defense for Policy in Iowa, flatly lied when asked by Senator Joni Ernst if there were still Americans after Biden’s disaster haphazard withdrawal. Kahl insists:

Americans aren’t forgotten.

He lied. Worse still, was the admission by worthless Secretary of State Antony Blinken that they had left Americans behind two years prior. Biden claimed that if forces could not evacuate all who wanted to leave by August 30, 2021, then they would stay.


While the story isn’t new, it’s shocking to see Joe Biden and others lying about leaving American citizens at the mercy of Islamist terrorists.