Expect A Major Battle In The Senate If Biden Nominates a Woke Activist To SCOTUS


    According to reports that Justice Stephen Breyer will retire at the end of this term, Senator Josh Hawley (R.MO) stated Wednesday that a vacancy in the Supreme Court would be a moment of truth for President Biden. He asked whether Biden would “finally reject radical elements of his party” and nominate someone who “loves America and believes the Constitution” or a “woke activist”.

    Wednesday reports indicated that the 83-year old justice plans to retire at the end of this term. This would allow Biden to nominate another justice to the Court.

    “Moment in truth for Joe Biden. This deeply divided president will he finally abandon the radical elements in his party and name someone who is loyal to America and supports the Constitution? Will he continue to tear down this country with a woke activist?” Sen. Hawley questioned.

    He warned that if he nominates a left-wing activist to support his campaign against parents and abuse of the FBI, as well as his refusal to enforce immigration laws and his lawless vaccine mandates, he should be prepared for a significant battle in the Senate.

    Hawley’s statement came after reports that Breyer, who served on the Court for more than 27 years, was planning to retire.

    Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stated that the decision of any Supreme Court Justice, if and when they retire, is up to them, and how they wish to announce it. This remains true today.

    She added that “We don’t have any additional information or details to share with @WhiteHouse.”

    Contrary to Hawley’s statement, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer (D–NY) stated that Biden’s nominee would receive a “prompt Hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be reviewed and confirmed by all the United States Senate with all deliberate speed.”

    Biden had previously pledged to nominate a black woman for the Supreme Court. This has led to speculation that Biden might appoint Kamala Harris, Vice President, to replace Breyer.