Explosive Audio Revelation: Attempted Bribery to Silence Kari Lake by ‘Powerful People’ Exposed


The Swamp has just taken a broadside salvo.

Daily Mail in the UK has published audio that shows Jeff DeWit, leader of Arizona’s Republican Party. It appears he is trying to bribe MAGA stun gun Kari Lake to not run for Senate. The recording begins with DeWit asking Lake what she would pay to stay out of politics for two more years.

DeWit asks “Is there a phone number where–” before Lake interrupts him and says, “I’m for sale?” It’s all about that.

“Not to buy. DeWit continues, “To take a break for a few years.”

“No, no. Ten million, 20 million, 30, no. No. A billion, no, no,” Lake fires back. “This is not about money, it’s about our country.”

DeWit goes on to say that “powerful people back East” want Lake to take a break. He says he wants a new face, referring to an upcoming Senate election in Arizona.

“I won’t let those who hate my f***ing nation tell me I shouldn’t run.” She says, “You should call them up and tell them to support me.”

Lake attempts to convince DeWit that it is the person behind the bribe scheme.

What’s going on?” She says, “I’m assuming that this is our friend.”

“Oh, it’s back East,” DeWit replies. DeWit replies, “They — very powerful people want to keep you in,” without revealing the names or identities of those for whom he offers the bribe.

Lake replies, “I’m sure they do,” while munching on a snack.

DeWit says, “But they are willing to put money where their mouths are in a major way.” He then adds: “So, this conversation never took place.”

DeWit continues, “I got a question today from the East, asking if there was a company or anything that would just pay her to keep her away.”

Throughout the nearly six-minute recording, Lake shows her loyalty to Trump and the country. She refers to those who offered the bribe at one point as “globalists.”

DeWit admits, surprisingly, that he believes Trump has been cheated. He says that he heard “the cartels were opening in fifty states.”

Lake then asks the same question again. DeWit refuses to take the bait.

DeWit replies, “Forget whom.” Some people call around and say ‘Gosh, [inaudible] Never repeat this if your answer is no. Never say “because I was offered a buyout” because it will undermine our ability to accomplish things.

Lake suggests that they are trying “to buy me off” because “They don’t own me.” It’s all about control.

DeWit says the bribe has nothing to do with ownership or control but is about “being on the team.”

Lake then says that Washington, D.C., has a lot of “back scratchers,” and that he “can’t scratch anyone else’s back.”

Lake suggests that the bribe was “about defeating Trump and I think that is a bad, terrible thing for our nation.”

Lake ends the tape by ominously declaring, “I will be the worst f***ing pain to their a**es.” The tape ends abruptly with Lake stating, “They’re going to f***ing have to kill me to stop my… You don’t have to say that.”

You can hear the recording below:

Twitter/X exploded in demand that DeWit resign instantly.

Two sources confirmed that DeWit had made the offer to the Daily Mail. He nor Kari have yet to reply to the Daily Mail.

Here is a longer recording: