Explosive Report: Barack Obama Urges Joe Biden to Bow Out of 2024 Race


We learned earlier this month Barack Obama had advised Joe Biden on how to boost his reelection campaigns. He now appears to have lost all hope in Biden’s campaign.

RadarOnline reported that the former president, as well as other Biden allies, have told him to “quit the 2024 race in order to save America and the Democratic Party.”

The report explains that “Insiders have snitched” that tensions between Obama and Biden recently erupted after Obama, irate at the time, rushed into a secret session to confront Biden over his diminishing chances of beating Donald Trump’s surging campaign in the November elections.

Joe appears to be oblivious to the dismal approval ratings and lack of enthusiasm for his campaign. Recent polls reveal that only 38 percent of Americans approve of Joe’s performance, while a staggering 58 percent hold a negative view of his work.

Trump, who is 77 years old, has taken the lead in several national polls, despite being indicted on 91 counts and declaring openly that he wishes to be a tyrant.

Sources said that in desperation, Obama yelled at Biden’s bumbling gaffes to attack and to make sure trusted aides were always by his side during the campaign to prevent them from making the disastrous gaffes that have defined his presidency.

An insider revealed that the Obamas believe Joe has lost his grip. He looks feebler and more clueless each day. They know that he has lost the trust of the public.

The latest scandal, involving Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s absence, of which Biden had been unaware for days, has also contributed to the total collapse of confidence in Biden among his allies. This raises serious questions as to how the Biden White House is run.

Biden’s troubles were exacerbated by the fact that Lloyd Austin, his Secretary of Defense, went missing during treatment for prostate cancer. The White House had to admit that the president was in the dark. Austin’s inability to communicate led to the shocking accusation that Biden had fallen asleep at his wheel.

A Washington source said that the situation was “frightening on many levels”. The fact that the President was unaware of a four-day absentee of one of his most important cabinet members is staggering.

Biden, the oldest president to serve in American history, continues to age. In one shocking incident, he had to be guided by soldiers while he placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. […]

Sources say that after the terrifying episode, Obama met with David Axelrod his former top Democratic strategist and senior advisor, who has been vocally critical of Biden’s abilities to perform.

Insider: “Obama has Axelrod as his public spokesperson about Joe’s incompetence and declining mental abilities,” said the insider. “He and Michelle are working to get rid of him behind the scenes.”

Although I’d say this report is to be treated with caution, the overwhelming evidence suggests that Joe Biden has a very slim chance of winning. His approval rating is the lowest of any president running for reelection in modern times. Donald Trump has been rated as the Republican candidate most likely to win in match-up national polls. Trump has also a +3.8 point lead over Biden on the RealClearPolitics Average — his biggest lead to date.

That’s not it. Trump leads Biden also in battleground-state polling. CNN projects Donald Trump to win 272 Electoral College Votes with only three states still to be decided: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Joe Biden is in for a major blow with that projection.

This report has many reasons to be believed. Will Biden listen? I wouldn’t bet on it. The warning signs are there for a long time and it’s past the time to take action.